Travel Travel Travel

Since I can remember I wanted to travel, but living in Nepal, it was just a dream which was hard to turn into reality. So I used to go to libraries and look at photos of all these beautiful palaces I wanted to go to and dream. I wished that when I grew up I would very rich and would travel all the time or I would have a career that would take me around the world. (Neither happened  )

Growing up watching channels like Travel and Living and Discovery made my dreams come alive. Not only could I see the picture perfect mountains, landscapes or cities, full of nice things to do, in pictures but I can see them move. I could see the most amazing sunrise but couldn’t feel the sun rays against my skin, could see these amazing sea creatures but couldn’t go swimming with them or I could see these small cafes next to the snow-capped mountains but couldn’t feel the fresh air. I think my inner travel demon became even more restless. Deep inside me, I always hoped that one day I would be able to go to these places.

When I came to Australia, I thought “I am a step closer to my dream.” I hdn’t seen an ocean until then but now I was swimming in it. I thought that at least I have come one step closer to becoming a world traveller, but being a student it was really hard to find time and money to travel. I still tried my best and travelled around Sydney whenever possible. The first time I went outside NSW was for my graduation which was held in Melbourne. I was so happy to make this trip because I knew this is the starting of what I wanted to do all my life.

After graduation the biggest reward I gave myself was a proper holiday. And that was FIJI. Ohooo it still feels so good as it was a dream come true.

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