Mt Titlis: Switzerland

We woke up in the morning and were a little disappointed as it was not a sunny day. There was a little drizzle, but we had no choice but to continue on our trip to Mt. Titlis. The lady in the hotel told us that they have a good amount of snow in the mountains. We headed towards Mt. Titlis from Fluelen via Lucerne and Engelberg.

Mt Titlis is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland which is located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Berne in Switzerland, overlooking Engelberg (Obwalden).

On our tour we were booked in to go to the top of the mountain and both me and AS were really excited. We knew there would be snow on the top so we were wearing our beanie , gloves with thick jackets.

So we took our tour bus to the bottom of the mountain. Once there, we were given tickets to the mountain. To reach the summit we needed to take a small ski gondola, change to a larger cable car and then onto the Titis ‘Rotair’ for the trip to the summit.

So we queued up to start the adventure. We got into the gondola with a Canadian family. The mum was a bit scared of the height so it was fun watching her reaction. The view was just awesome from the gondola and it was a great experience. I’ve never seen grass as green as those on the hills of Austria and Switzerland. The gondola first took us up to Trubsee, which is located at 1,800 meters.

Then we changed to another gondola to Stand which is at 2,428 was another thrilling experience.

Finally the first revolving Titlis Rotair cable car which rotates through a 360 degree view as it climbs towards the summit of the mountain giving a great view as it took us up to Mount 3020 m / 10’000 ft.

All together the journey took roughly 45 minutes from the valley below up to the summit. By that time both me and AS were very hungry so we decided to stop at the restaurant (which was as expensive as expected). A pizza the size of a small plate was nearly $30.00.

After lunch we went to the top of the mountain. It was too windy to ski and most of the slopes/lifts were closed. As with all mountains in Switzerland however, Mt Titlis is all about the views. The Swiss Alps are simply breathtaking and to even try to but their beauty and scenery into words does not even come close to doing them justice.

I am not too sure if a Bollywood movie was shot there but there was a cut-out figure of the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and actress Kajol from movie Dilwale Dulhaneya Le Jayeng. I know who would have been very excited to see this, Tasha! (I have been getting all these updates from her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about the new movie starring Shah Rukh Khan).

I really noticed that Switzerland had high volume of Indian tourist when they served Indian meals in the restaurant and the bus,  coaches, the ski lifts and the restaurants were filled with Indians. Most of them seemed to be travelling with family which had grandparents, parents and grandkids. That is so lovely.

Mt. Titlis is a must do for anyone visiting Switzerland.

Please click here for more photos.


9 responses to “Mt Titlis: Switzerland

  1. Beautiful , hope you had great time.

  2. i wish i could visit once !! tentalizing view.

  3. Winter, ayee. It comes for us soon. Breathtaking imagery…

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  5. pretty pictures in the valley…gorgeous.

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