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Our Story : Next Chapter (The big announcement) – Part 51

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

This is the last part for my “Our Story” posts. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting on them. You guys have been so kind and that is the only reason I was able to continue the post until the end.

I am glad I was able to share a part of my life with you. Initially when I started to write it, I didn’t realise that it would take me almost a year but now I can finally say that I am done.

We are now entering the next chapter of our life and have some good news to share.

We are expecting a baby!!!

I am pregrant (2)

Yap, you read it right, AS and I are expecting a baby in Autumn 2015.

I can nearly smell the soft, sweet skin and feel the weight of a gushy baby in my arms already. I get emotional when I think about it. So far, I have been lucky and have had an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no major problems and no complication, touch wood.

I do have normal pregnancy symptoms like being tired, swollen feet if I have walked a lot or cramps at nights. However, I have accepted these symptoms as part of being a pregnant woman so not too much complaining.

I started feeling little kicks about a few weeks ago and I am so excited! It is such a magnificent privilege that we are entering the next phase of our life.

I cannot believe how many nice messages we have received since my husband and I made the big announcement that we are expecting a child. This is how we told the world 🙂

I am pregrant (1)

It feels so good to finally share what has been going on in my life. I have many questions about being a mother. I have no idea what I am getting myself into all I know is that I am thrilled and excited about it all.

my pregnancy

I would be sharing my pregnancy journey (happiness, job, fear, worries) with all of you from now onwards and I figured I could canvass all you experienced ones for pregnancy and parenting advice too. Wish us luck.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


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Our Story – Reception in Sydney – Part 50

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

Once we landed in Sydney from Vietnam, I was so happy that the wedding was over and it went better than I had hoped. We also had an amazing honeymoon and life was -good.

Once we settled back into the life in Sydney, AS and I decided that we needed to organise another reception in Sydney as we had discussed before, for all the friends and family who were here. As you know that I have been living in Sydney for so long that I have more friends here than in Nepal now so it seemed natural to have a nice reception here to celebrate our happiness.

Reception in Sydney (1)

Thus, the planning began. We wanted to keep it simple so we booked a restaurant instead of a party venue (no need to worry about setting up and easy decoration) and invited around 100 + to celebrate our happiness.

Reception in Sydney (25)

We ordered the cakes, balloon and decoration and decided on our music and food. It was not as hard as the one we had to organise in Kathmandu.

Reception in Sydney (28)

The morning of the reception, we were busy at first picking up the decoration and getting the venue ready. It was not hard as restaurant had done an excellent job with what they had and it was just touch up with banners, balloons and centrepieces.

Reception in Sydney (15) Reception in Sydney (22)

Once the venue was all ready, I got ready with my hair and makeup. I was wearing one of my wedding saris and AS was wearing the daura surwal from the wedding too.

When we got there the place was ready for the party. The cake was at the centre and everything was ready to go. This time the cake was AS’s favourite mud cake with the printed centrepiece from our wedding in Nepal.

Reception in Sydney (14)

Slowly guests started to arrive and the entrée was served. The food was very tasty and everyone was having a great time.

Reception in Sydney (21) Reception in Sydney (17)

After entrée, there were some speech and first dance for AS and I.

Reception in Sydney (31)

Then we cut the cake so the function continued.

Reception in Sydney (24)Reception in Sydney (26)

We had a white board for guest to write a message for us and a photographer capturing the moment. It was fun to read what everyone wrote and it was a good memory.

Reception in Sydney (34)Reception in Sydney (16)

We had main served followed by dessert and in the meantime, dance floor was rocking with guest having fun. By the end of the evening, almost everyone was on the dance floor and we had a great time with the guests.

Reception in Sydney (30) Reception in Sydney (23) Reception in Sydney (27)

By the time, the last guest had left it was close to midnight and we were tired as well.

Reception in Sydney (32)

It was great being the bride again and surrounded by loved ones who were happy for us and enjoying our happiness. We were glad everything went so well and finally our wedding celebration was officially over.

I have a big announcement to make on my next post , till then ,take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


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Our Story – Honeymoon Trip To Vietnam – Part 49

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

When we were planning our honeymoon, me and AS had different ideas on where we wanted to go. I always wanted to go to Greek Islands (Santorini) but AS wanted to go to Hawaii. But as AS couldn’t take more than a month off from work and our wedding took so many days, we couldn’t go to either of the places.

Anyway after a few discussions we decided on Vietnam as it would be on our way back from Nepal. But honeymoon was off to a rough start. Read about what happened even before we land in Vietnam here.

When we got off in Ho Chi Minh airport it was very hot and humid. We took a taxi and went to our hotel. I was praying for rest of the holidays to be incident free as the headache we had before we reached Vietnam was enough for one holiday that as well on our honeymoon.

Ho chin min (9)

The room was nicely decorated and we had a buffet breakfast every day. They had lots of things to choose from like toast and cheese or rice, Pho, noodles, varieties of eggs, salads, yogurt and all kinds of pastries. Ho chin min (10)

We booked trips that took us around the city and we went to churches, a Presidential palace, and museums. We also took a trip to the Mekong Delta, Cu Chi tunnel, and Cai Dao temple.

Ho Chi Minh city

Ho chin min (17)

Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is a fast paced city with a unique mix of French colonial architecture, Chinese influences, a modern entrepreneurial spirit and numerous temples.

Ho chin min (1) Ho chin min (2) Ho chin min (3)

During this tour, in the morning, we visited the historic Reunification Palace and War Remnants Museum. The tour continued to Ho Chi Minh’s finest examples of French colonial architecture with a visit to the Notre Dame cathedral and Post Office.

Ho chin min (4) Ho chin min (5) Ho chin min (11) Ho chin min (12)

We had a local lunch before visiting Giac Lam Pagoda, the bustling Chinese district of Cholon and Ben Thanh market.

Ho chin min (13) Ho chin min (15) Ho chin min (16)

Overall we had a great day and we loved everything we saw.

Ho chin min (18) Ho chin min

Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnels of Củ Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country.

Cu Chi Tunnels  (6) Cu Chi Tunnels  (3)

We decided to do tour of the tunnel and it was a great place to visit.

Cu Chi Tunnels  (2) Cu Chi Tunnels  (4)

The Cu Chi tunnels were built by local fighters during the Indochina conflict as a base from which the Viet Cong could operate from close to the Southern Vietnamese capital. Initial construction started in 1948 when the Viet Minh required somewhere to hide from French air attacks and by 1965, the Cu Chi tunnel complex was estimated to consist of 200km’s of tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels  (5) Cu Chi Tunnels  (7)

It included, hospitals, schools, meeting rooms, kitchens and sleeping quarters. Life was difficult for the inhabitants and to protect against outside intruders bobby traps were laid throughout the complex.

Cu Chi Tunnels  (8) Cu Chi Tunnels  (9) Cu Chi Tunnels  (10)

We started the day with exploring the Cu Chu Tunnels and learning more about the courage & ingenuity of the inhabitants. We also learned about the conditions the Vietnamese people lived in, the hardships they faced and the amazing ingenuity employed to maintain life in the tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels  (13) Cu Chi Tunnels  (12) Cu Chi Tunnels  (11)

Mekong Delta Discovery

Our day started with 2.5-hour journey, by air-conditioned mini-coach to the Mekong reason. At times, I thought I was in Nepal when I saw acers and acers of green fields with rice paddy.

Mekong Delta Discovery  (1) Mekong Delta Discovery  (6)

The Mekong is the region in south-western Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of south-western Vietnam of 39,000 square kilometres (15,000 sq mi).

Mekong Delta Discovery  (2) Mekong Delta Discovery  (3) Mekong Delta Discovery  (4)

It is a water world where boats, houses, restaurants and even markets float upon the innumerable rivers, canals and streams that flow through the region like arteries. At times you can quite simply lose sight of land.

Mekong Delta Discovery  (5) Mekong Delta Discovery  (9)

On this tour we were lucky to explore the villages and islands in a private long tail boat ride along the Mekong River.

Mekong Delta Discovery  (11)Mekong Delta Discovery  (10)

We loved our lunch at Diem Phuong Restaurant where we had one server on standby to peel our prawns and make us fresh rich paper rolls. We also tried fresh coconuts water other exotic fruits.

Mekong Delta Discovery  (8) Mekong Delta Discovery  (7)Mekong Delta Discovery  (13)Mekong Delta Discovery  (14)Mekong Delta Discovery  (16)

After lunch we were taken to another Island where we learned about cottage industry and the process of making coconut candy.

Mekong Delta Discovery  (12) Mekong Delta Discovery  (15) Mekong Delta Discovery  (17)

Cao Dai temple

Just outside Tay Nihn and 60 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City is the Great Temple or Holy See, the center of the intriguing Cao Dai sect. Cao Dai is a syncretist Vietnamese religious movement that incorporates aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism.

Cao Dai Temple, Vietnam

Cao Dai Temple, Vietnam

The Cao Dai Temple (as it is more commonly known) was begun in 1933 in a unique architectural style that reflects its blended traditions. Most people visit on a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City.

The trips were fantastic. Once we were out of the city, there was more greenery and less traffic. There were acres of rice fields with lots of people with Vietnamese hats. I really loved it.

Constructed between 1933 and 1955, the Great Temple of Cao Dai closely resembles a Christian cathedral in its architecture – two square towers, a long central nave with upper gallery, and side aisles. The altar, an apse and ambulatory are at the opposite end from the entrance, just as in  a typical church.Cao Dai temple (1)Cao Dai temple (2)

The exterior and interior of the Cao Dai Temple are both extravagantly decorated, incorporating symbols, abstract designs and images of saints. The high ceiling is painted sky-blue with fluffy clouds and the floor tiles have busy patterns. The dragon-encrusted columns that run the length of the nave number 28, representing the 28 manifestations of the Buddha. Seven-headed cobras represent the seven human emotions.

Cao Dai temple (3) Cao Dai temple (4)

One of the most memorable sights at the Cao Dai temple is the sea of worshippers who dress in flowing robes and assemble in orderly rows during a ceremony. Men sit on the right and women on the left.

Cao Dai temple (5)


As usual my holiday would not be complete without shopping and I was so glad that we had a good one in Vietnam. We went to the Ben Thanh Market as well as shopping malls.

I was glad that Vietnam is not as commercialised as Thailand and it was easier to shop.

I went to Zara and Mango stores where things were cheaper than Australia and bought heaps of dresses. Also at the market we bought some souvenirs.

I would have done more shopping but couldn’t as we had already brought lots of stuff from Nepal.


We also did post wedding photo-shoot there and we loved the end result. Here are some shots from the shoot.

Photoshoot (4) Photoshoot (3) Photoshoot (2) Photoshoot (1)

But the best part of the trip was the massage. It was very affordable and it was so good. We went for a massage every day. It cost us around AUD$15 for a whole body massage with aromatic oil and hot stones for over an hour.

The next best thing was that we felt like millionaires anywhere we went. We booked a private tour so we had the diver and the guide to ourselves all the time. The car they got for us had leather interior with air con. AUD $200 is equivalent to a million Vietnamese Dong so you are always paying in hundred thousands or millions.

Vietnamese 100,000 dong

Vietnamese 100,000 dong


I found the people friendly and the staff of the hotel very helpful. Like most of the Asian countries I have visited, they always had a smile on their face.

Till then, take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


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Our Story – “Wanjala” ceremony- Part 48

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

This is a ceremony where the newly wed bride is taken to the temple of the Kuladevata (family deity) where the bride is introduced to the god as a new member of the family and in front of the god, the groom puts Sindoor on the bride’s forehead and hair partition.

Wanjala (1)

The very next morning after I came to AS’s house, we went for Wanjala. It was me, my MIL, AS’s aunts and AS. We drove to the temple and waited in the queue for the priest to be free.


Once he was available, we handed him all the things for the Puja along with Sindoor from the Swayamvar ceremony. He performed some rituals and prayers and then asked AS to put Sindoor on my forehead. My MIL held a red and gold cloth from behind and, AS put the Sindoor on my forehead. Then I had to touch AS’s feet to get his blessing.

Wanjala (2)Wanjala (3)

Then we went around the temple to get the blessing from the gods. Once all the pujas were done, we sat down and ate the sagun we had brought from home. It is considered a good sign to eat around the temple.

Wanjala (4)

More on wedding on next post, till then, take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


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