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We have got a new guest at our place 

I am sure I have mentioned here before that we live in an apartment but we have a good sized balcony. We have converted the balcony into a garden with artificial grass and pot plants.


We also have a nice comfy outdoor sofa as in the photo .


We love the balcony as we can relax and enjoy the winter afternoons and also use it for entertainment and BBQ.

These days Chhori loves the space too as she can run on the grass and she loves to water the plants as well. She also loves climbing up and down the sofas and the table 🙂

chhori (1)

Anyway it is the start of summer now in Sydney and we have been seeing lots of birds coming to our balcony which include the Indian myna and pigeons and an occasional parrot too. But recently we noticed that there are pigeons on the balcony almost all the time.

I quite like it because we are teaching Chhori words and I can show her real birds now and not just pictures. A couple of weeks ago, while I was sitting on the sofa, suddenly a pigeon came flying out from under the sofa and scared the crap out of me. It was so sudden and I was not expecting that.

My mum and AS also observed that there was more frequency of the pigeons on the balcony. One day while we were sitting on the outdoor sofa a pigeon tried to come to the balcony but flew away as we were there but it would check in every 5 or 10 minutes so we were kind of surprised. Seeing this behaviour I causally mentioned that may be the pigeons had laid eggs here so they are coming back so often. Out of curiosity, AS checked under the sofa and lo and behold, there were two tiny pigeon’s eggs right at the back. It was a very surprising discovery for us and we didn’t know what to do next.

As normal, we Googled to find out some more information on what to do next. The best answer we found was to leave them there until the baby pigeons arrive and clean the area once they fly away. I think the eggs have been there for more than 10 days or so and we think the eggs should hatch in the next week or so.

I think the mother and father take turns to sit on the eggs and mostly there is one bird under the sofa all the time.

After the discovery we try not to go out in the balcony that often as we don’t want to scare the pigeons. But we are very curious to see the baby birds soon. I hope they have healthy babies. I will keep posting the updates about our new guests soon.

If you have any tips for me , please do share.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian



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❤ Love of my life ❤

I am sure most of you have read Our Story in this blog where I wrote about my love story with AS. I have always said that I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.

Wedding Ceremony

The day that he entered my world changed me in such a positive way. Life is beautiful now. I see the importance in every action that I take. Each moment is cherished.

We have been through the good and the bad times in life together and I have to admit he has been a pillar of strength in my life.


He knows me so well and makes sure I am happy. He makes me smile and laugh and I love those moments.

This morning I woke up as normal. AS and Chhori were still be in bed and I started getting ready to go to work. When I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, this was on our kitchen bench top, it just melted my heart.


I think it is the small moments like this that make life truly amazing.

chhori (4)

Thank you very much AS. Chhori is so proud to have you as her father. You are simply amazing. We love you and thank you for everything. Thanks Sweetheart!

from nepaliaustralian



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Chhori update

Chhori is 18 months old now, a big girl compared to a year ago. Time is just flying by.

Chhori pasni (5)

It is so true when they say children are like sponge as they absorb everything and it is no different with Chhori.


Recently, she has learned to indicate Yes and No by nodding. I think she is learning all this from the rhymes but she looks absolutely gorgeous when she does them. Also, just yesterday she was putting her both hands on her mouth while laughing. She always manages to amaze me with new stuff every day.


AS had been a great dad and constantly teaches her new stuff and I love watching their interaction. She is definitely becoming demanding now but AS always manages to handle her by teaching that you give in somewhere to get something.

chhori-7 chhori-4

I am so happy that he is so patient with our daughter as I don’t have lots of patience :). I love her to death but sometime she seems to know how to drive me mad.


On the other hand, she has wrapped her grandparents around her ting fingers. She always gets my mum and dad to give her a massage especially her legs. And it has to be both the legs at the same time, one by grandma and one by grandad.


My mum scolds her sometimes when she misbehaves, and threatens to spank her. Now she actually comes to me complaining when I come home and though she can’t say it but shows me a spanking action to complain.


She will miss them a lot when they leave next year.


Her eating habit is changing slowly and we are giving her mostly the same food that we eat. She had 5 chicken steamed momos yesterday proving she is definitely Nepalese. momoShe loves to eat everything on her own too. Sometimes it is a problem because with rice it can get very messy but we are teaching her how to use a spoon.

chhori (1)

Last week it was her 18 months immunisation and again this time also she didn’t cry at all. I held her the whole time while the GP gave her the shot, but not a sound was made. She was just curious like last time and watched the needle go into her arms. There was a little blood this time but it didn’t make any difference. I am so happy she didn’t cry.

Second needle in and she kept watching it go inside

More updates soon.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


Suprise win

My workplace always has something going on all the time like Footy tipping competition, trivia and other fun stuffs. Normally I don’t participate because I think I don’t have enough knowledge or I am too busy at work.

But a few weeks ago when they sent about Trivia for NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) Week, I decided to play as well.

They sent out 5 sets of Trivia for 5 days. Some of them were easy and others were easy to find using Google but there were questions which I could not find anywhere.

Anyway, I did the trivia to the best of my knowledge though it was definitely not easy but I was glad to have done it as I learn so much during the process.

Anyway, the result for the competition was announced and surprise, surprise, I won second prize. It would have been amazing to win the first prize but still, coming in second was awesome. I wasn’t expecting to win but when I did, it made me feel very happy.

Here is what I won. A goodie bag full of aboriginal stuff including a big towel, book marker, key chain, a small bag full of stationery, mug, keep cup and many more other stuffs.


So from now on I am going to participate in as many competition as possible 🙂

Have you won some completion unexpectedly, do share your story here.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian



City2Surf 2016

Hello everyone, I am back. It has been a crazy few weeks for me. The holiday to New Zealand was amazing and we had fun. I will post more details on it soon.

Queenstown (4)

Since being back, we ran the City2Surf and I am glad it is over now. As you may have known, before Chhori, AS and I used to run the 14km every year and it was one of our default routines.

city2surf 2012

But for the last two years, we didn’t sign up for it as the first year, I was pregnant and the year after Chhori was too small.

This year we decided it was time to get back to running again. Having my parents here has allowed us to leave Chhori with them. Our aim this year was to do better than previous years and we were mentally ready.

city2surf 2012

During training, AS was very motivated and pushing himself very hard. Unfortunately, he hurt his knee during the process and had to take some medication so AS was not sure at all if he could run or not. On the other hand, I was determined to run.

city2surf (1)

I was training well in the beginning but it went pear shaped a few weeks before due to the rainy weather and the holiday to New Zealand.

To cut a long story short, on the race day AS was okay to run and we did a run and walk so the we don’t hurt his knee.

city2surf (3)

I am so glad we did it as it was a beautiful day with thousands of fellow runners. The atmosphere was just beautiful and we had fun all along. Also while we walked we had our Pokémon Go app on so we managed to catch a few Pokémon too :).

We didn’t better our timing from previous years but were very close so I am happy with the outcome.

city2surf (2)

I hope to do better next year. I am also looking forward to Chhori growing up so she will go with us as well.

Spring is almost here for us so I am very excited and looking forward to beautify Sydney days.

How have you all been?

Take care everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian



We are “Pokémon Go” family

I went back and forth on whether or not to write about this, but decided to go ahead as it is my personal blog where I share what is happening in my life and Pokémon Go is definitely happening at this stage.

I am sure everyone is aware of Pokémon GO, which has been dominating the news for the last few weeks. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must have read or heard about the about this game around the world. I found out about Pokémon GO the same way too and it got me curious.

I didn’t know much about Pokémon at all expect the cute Pikachu before last week. For anyone who is not aware of it, Pokémon Go is a new mobile game released recently which is taking over the world. It is a game that uses GPS and to go to locations as a means of actually ‘Checking In’ at nearby stores, businesses or weird graffiti on the wall.

So I decided to download the game just to find out what it is all about. That evening I mentioned it to AS because normally he is very into things like this. He used to play Ingress (a similar game created by the same people) religiously a few years ago. Not to my surprise at all, he was already playing the game for the last 24 hours. He insisted that I start playing it as well but I told him, I will wait until the weekend so I have time to actually play.

But I didn’t sign up for a few days. One day, a colleague’s daughters (9 and 11) came to visits us at work. They were playing Pokémon GO and I took them for a walk to the nearby shopping center so they could catch some Pokémons. Anyway watching them so excited, I thought I needed to start playing it as well.

chhori (1)

So finally on the weekend we went to the parks and places around our area to play the game, I saw signs around my neighbourhood that I never knew even existed. I also saw many people playing the games, couples with young kids, family with older kids and just teenagers.

I am glad Chhori was so happy to be out and about and AS was happy to be playing the game. I enjoyed it too and I am on Level 7 now 🙂

chhori (2)

I have to admit I am not as crazy as many around the world or even as AS but I find the game very interesting to play if you have some free time.

It definitely makes you walk around and search for Pokémons. making you active but like we have heard so much on the news these days, you need to be aware of your surroundings so you don’t have an accident or worse, get mugged.

So far it has been only 78 hours of Pokémon for me and we have become a Pokémon family for sure. Let’s see how I go in the future.

So are you playing the game yet? Do share some fun stories about it.

Happy Monday.

M from nepaliaustralian


Becoming a mentor

My workplace recently started a school based mentoring program to empower and support young people who are secondary students, to keep them engaged and introduce them to an alternate learning environment.

I have always been interested to work with and help out young adults. Before this job, I used to be an IT teacher for students in diploma and advance diploma in a university. So when I saw the email floating around for mentoring, I signed up for it. The best thing about it is that most of the program happens during the lunch time which means I don’t need to compromise with the time I get to spend with Chhori.

Once I applied for the program I got a call for an interview. I was nervous about the process but it went quite smoothly and I was selected by the panel.

The program started 10 weeks ago and it was a great start. We met the girls we are going to mentor and had a few activities to get to know them better and vice versa.

From the first week, we have been meeting with them every Tuesday afternoon at lunch time and doing different activates.

I can’t believe that the weeks have just flow by and we have done cultural cooking, craft class, laser tag, self-defence class, speech class, African drumming class, sushi making class, yoga class and all in a fun environment.

Most of the girls picked for this program are average students who are a bit shy at first. As we got to know them slowly and they opened up and now they are really comfortable with us.

On the cultural cooking day, I made chicken momo and taught them how to wrap up the momo. I was surprised that they learned it so quickly and did a great job. Other mentors made pizza, frittata, calamari haloumi and scones and it was and awesome session.

Last week, we went out for lunch with them before their 2 weeks break and we will start the program again for another 10 weeks.

I am so happy that I signed up and am a part of such a great program to get involved with young people.

Have you done anything similar? Please share other ideas you have to get young people involved so we can use that for our next session.

Thank you everyone and take care.

M from nepaliaustralian