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Happy “Dashami”

The tenth day of Dashain is called  ‘Dashami’. On this day we take Tika and Jamara from our elders and receive their blessing.  The red Tika also symbolizes the blood that ties the family together. Elders will give “Dakshina”, or a small amount of money, to younger relatives at this time.

This year Tika was on Thursday so after work, I performed Puja at home. Then we went to my cousin K’s place for tika. We had a Nepali bhoj and lots of fun.

Here are some pics from the day.


L-R Jamara, Me performing Puja, yummy food


L-R AS putting tika on me, Me putting tika on my brother

Dashain aayo

As anyone who is slightly related to Nepal in anyway will know, Dashain ( 15 days long celebration of Hindu) is just around the corner. This year it starts from 28 September and Tika (Dashami) is on 6 October.

Australia is in Southern hemisphere so the weather for Dashain will be windy and wet unlike in Nepal where  it is perfect weather for celebration but we have to make most of the situation.

As this is going to be our first Dashain as married couple and we are away from our family, we are planning to have jamara on Ghatasthapana. As I have missed last 6 Dashain and AS have missed last 10 Dashain @ home, we thought having jamara will help us to be involved in our culture and at the same time I want to prove my in-laws and my mom, I can be modern and traditional at a same time. 🙂

So we are going to  get some sand. I have bought some barley seeds. I hope it will work and  turn into five or six inches long yellow grass by 6 October.

Will let you know the progress.

Happy Dashain !!!.