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His t-shirt /shirt

I am sure I have seen this in movies a lot but wondering how many of you borrows your partner’s shirt/t-shirt to wear around the house.

Once we started living together, I got into wearing his t-shirt. I have tried shirts as well but I love t-shirts more.

It started one summer when it was so hot that I couldn’t wear my clothes and borrowed his t-shirt for a day as it is loose and very comfy. It is long enough for me not to wear any pants and it also kind of smells like him even though it has just been washed.

But one day has now turned into every day. 🙂

The great thing about this is that he loves it that I love his t-shirt and now has a special pile in his wardrobe where I can go anytime and pick a t-shirt.

Just checking that I am not the crazy one here.

 Do you wear your partner’s clothes? Do share.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

M from nepaliaustralia