In every person a child is hidden that wants to play!!!

Yesterday we were invited to my cousin’s (K’s) place for dinner along with some other friends. One of the friends got my nephew an Angry Bird Game and we bought him some play dough.

Angry Bird

Once we were settled, the boys helped my nephew to open his gifts. My nephew loves to play Angry Bird on mobile phones so one of my friends opened the game to show the little guy how to play the real game But I think he enjoyed it  so much while giving the demo, that he kept on playing. Then it was AS and my brother who joined him and I followed. 🙂

It was really fun. I guess we were having more fun than my little nephew. I think he got bored quickly after we finished our game and he started making a train with the birds and piggies soon after.

That was just the beginning of our “Play kid” day. I thought I will show my nephew some play dough trick as he watches “Mr. Maker” all the time. But at the end of the night, it was us who had more fun with the dough than the kid. My friend taught me how to make an elephant, and I made the head of dinosaurs, and some Angry Birds. My friends were also making ice cream, flower, flag, and anything they could think of.

 I guess we are never too old to play Angry Bird and Play dough. There is still a child in every person that wants to play.

3 responses to “In every person a child is hidden that wants to play!!!

  1. A part of us will be ever like a child……..

  2. I am big fan of Angry bird game 🙂

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