Crackle Nail Polish

Few days ago, I commented on my colleague on her new manicure. It looked really nice with a sliver and pink cracking design. I had seen something similar before but what surprised me was her response that she did those designs herself. She said she used cracking nail polish.

So I went to my best friend Google and searched for information on the polish. I found Sally Hasen Crackle as one of many options available in the market. So when I went to the mall yesterday, I bought Sally Hasen Crackle Silver Overcoat and tried that over my peach colour nail polish. As it was my first attempt I tried a few different methods and am writing down the process in case you want to do it too.

  • First use the base coat for the polish as normal. I apply two coats so it works well with the top coat. It is best to use contrasting colour so the cracks stands out. I used bright peach as it is summer here.
  • Let the top coat to dry completely. Have patience otherwise you may need to do the whole process again which is very time consuming.
  • Once the base is 100% dry, apply a thin coat of the Crackle Overcoat. If you apply too think coat, there will be less cracks so it is best to have a light hand. Now let it dry naturally.
  • You will see as the Crackle Overcoat dries out, it will start to crack making really nice patterns.
  • Now apply a clear over coat to make it last longer.

I will be buying different colours next time to try out. Let me know if you have tried a different company’s crackle nail polish and how the results are.

5 responses to “Crackle Nail Polish

  1. I’m still trying to look for a crackle nail polish. Huhu. Does it come in black? I’m thinking of doing my own zebra print nails. Hihi. 😀

  2. Ohoo tried this one as well. I am not very happy as it doesn’t seem to crack as they show in the photo. May be I am doing something wrong. Yours look good.I will try again.

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