Start of our tropical holiday

Right now I am on the plane writing  this post. I think there is wi-fi in our resort so I can publish it.

We took a taxi to the airport, no traffic due to the holiday. The airport was really busy as everyone else seemed to have the same idea as we did.

We waited a while for check in as the counters had not opened yet. Once it opened ,we got our boarding pass and headed towards departures. This might be one of the few times I fly that I didn’t have to worry about the luggage allowance. Between us we had only 20kgs. All other times it is a very different story, especially coming back to Sydney. I am one of those people who shops until they drop wherever possible so my suitcases are always full and mostly I hit the baggage allowance easily. I even take up space in AS’s suitcases. 😀

Anyway everyone is wishing us a Merry Christmas. Everyone seems to be in good spirits for the holiday. Happy, cheerful and smiling.


After a quick check-in, immigration and security check we went to have our breakfast. We had pancakes, toasted english muffins, hash browns and coffee. I just love holidays as I don’t need to stress about eating junk foods as my diet is also on a holiday :-).


Getting on the plane I was very excited to be going on this holiday as I’ve always wanted to go to Vanuatu.It was nice and warm in Sydney so hoping for great weather in Vanuatu as well.

Unfortunately AS and I got aisle seats so we are not sitting together but on either side of the aisle. The flight is full so we can’t change our seats but the plane is not big so we can still talk.

I was browsing through inflight magazine. They mention lots of activities. Looks like our one week will be too short there. Anyway we gonna enjoy as much as possible. I guess if I had longer holiday then I will be going somewhere further anyway. They just served us meals,the choice was ham or turkey with veggies, salad and Christmas pudding. I am not the big fan of on board meals so it was normal I guess. I think everywhere there is Christmas influence including our meal.

There is a french couple next to me right now who are sleeping.Something about French ascent that I really love. I think it sound sexy 🙂

I am so looking forward to go to France next year. I am sure I will fall in love with the country as soon as I land there. I have heard so much about the city of love that I am already in love with France right now.

AS is busy playing angry bird in his new tablet. He seems chilled with his beer and dessert. He just smiled at me(that is one of the think I loved about him.). It feel so blessed to have a husband who wants to travel with me. I think that was one of the criteria on my list for my future husband when I was single.

There is a small boy infront of AS seat who is looking at me for last few minutes. He seems to be around 4 years old .I think either he wants my phone or he loves my new bling bling cover for my phone .He is travelling with his parents and 3 siblings. They seem to be all under 5. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to have so many small children in short time. I am not even ready to have one right now. It always scare me to even think about it. To travel with so many small kids must be hard but then for every parents looking at their little ones must be the best thing in the world.

There are few people around me wondering what I am typing for last half and hour. I thought I will write something when I had some time as I am sure I will be super busy in having fun for next few days 😀

Still half an hour before we land. Pilot just announced that there is turbulence on the way and have our seat belt fasten. I am not very scared but I always wished to have a flight without all those jerks and sudden moments. My worst one has been on the flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. The flight dropped so suddenly for few seconds that I thought I was going to die. Anyway hope this one is not that bad.

Also pilot announced that due to heavy traffic in Port Villa airport, our flight will be 10 minute delayed. I guess I will be seeing lots of holiday makers in Vanuatu then.

Just gonna sit back and relax now.

4 responses to “Start of our tropical holiday

  1. Have a great time! Travelling with younguns isn’t so bad; in fact, it can be fun…

  2. Have fun and comming good in the new year.
    My better half and me we like it to travel too. Our biggest wish is, if we together and a married coupple we want see the world………

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