Deceiving advertisements

Every time you watch TV, there are thousands of ads encouraging you to buy the various products. I do understand that they have to promote their products but I hate that the adverting are so deceiving. They use good looking models or happy looking family or a bloke with 6 packs in the ad to promote their product. Everyday we see commercial with beautiful women who have perfect beautiful hair. It is bouncy and shiny. I have been using some of those products for ages and my hair never became so shiny and bouncy. I think that TV commercials are very deceiving and it annoys me. Watch the ad from the link below. 

Do you think using that shampoo will make your hair go all silky and nice? No way, but still they think all of us are fools and advertise it like that. On top of that, the worst part is that they can get away with such deceiving advertisement. 

If a product is really going to do what is advertised I have no problem but most of the times it is all just hype and it gets really annoying. Right now there are two ads on the TV that annoys me a lot. One is the ad of Jenny Craig and other one is Optus. Both of them are so long and comes so often that I started switching channels as soon as I see them. 

Another example of deceiving ads is from fast food stores like McDonald, Hungry Jack’s, Subway. If you see any ad from them, their food seems to look so good: plump and juicy and made with lots of care.  When you go and buy the same burger, it is all dry and you realise that they have just thrown all the ingredients on bun and served it to you. Nothing is ever made with the love and care that is shown in the ads. I have never bought a burger that looked like the ones in the ads.

How can I forget to mention all those infomercials, while I am talking about deceiving advertisement?OMG have you heard the story about all the people in the ad who lost weight using their product so easily and they are living happily now. Or the story of those people who have bought their product and now their life is so easy and mess free. I want to really laugh at them. My brother once bought a product called Abswing from one of these people. In the ad, it shows you that it is really easy to use but in reality you can’t do what the model was doing as easily. On top of that, it broke in a few months. What a joke and waste of money.

Also on all these commercials, there is a disclaimer in small print like for weight loss equipment ad: “Result achieved if used with regular exercising and dieting”. So what is this equipment for and why are you advertising it as if it is a magic wand.

I know in Australia there is a government body who is supposed to regulate these ads but I really don’t think they are working very hard. There are so many misleading ads in the market that innocent people can easily get ripped off. I seriously think it is time that stricter rules are put in place for all these people who make millions of dollars off us while giving us the deceiving ads for their products.


7 responses to “Deceiving advertisements

  1. where did you get the pictures from?(burgers)

  2. There is a commercial for male enhancement that makes me laugh… the actress in it has this look on her face like ‘can you believe I’m doing this commercial, and people by this sh*t?’

  3. Very well said and so true! It really is annoying all this false advertising, I agree there needs to be a lot more strict rules, so many people are getting ripped off it’s terrible! Wonderful post! 🙂

    • Thanks Gabby Angel!!! Thank you for reading 🙂
      If I advertise a product and they didn’t do what I promised, I will be sued and even jailed probably but all these companies can easily get away with all these rubbish. Really annoying…

  4. That said, specially hair products are the biggest nuisance. They claim to get your hair shining and voluptuous in no time, Garnier has the most ridiculous adds, you can pull a truck with your hair “apparently its THAT strong” , and fairness creams. Fair and Lovely STILL work. Dear God, I haven’t heard of one person its worked on, my aunt has been using it since the time I was like 5 and she’s not gone a tone lighter.. NOT even a TONE. Gosh, so frustrated right now, I should stop commenting 😀
    (P.s- L’oreal and Sunsilk hair products actually make my hair shiny and silky 😛 )

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