Can you wear your wedding dress again?

When people start planning for a wedding, most of them have a budget and plan on how much they are going to spend on their big day. Some may have a small wedding with only close friends and family while others will have a big lavish fairy tale wedding. Normally, for white weddings, brides spend lots of money on their dress. That is one of the biggest expenses on the wedding budget. But most of the time this dress is worn only once, on the big day and then kept in the closest as a souvenir. I quite like the idea of hiring these dresses as well but then most of the women are too emotional to part from their wedding dress so they normally buy them. Let me not go to the part about what may happen to the dress if ones marriage breaks or one is angry with the soon to be ex husband later in the life.

With Nepali weddings we wear many outfits. I had 10 different outfits for different days during my wedding, which lasted 10 days. Most of those outfits I can wear again on many other occasions like parties and festivals. I have already worn some of them for my friend’s wedding. There is a Dupata sari which you reuse again when there is a celebration called ‘Janku’ or ‘Bhat Khuaune’ (rice feeding ceremony) of your kids. All of my wedding outfit will be reused again and again as I had spent good money for them and I love them as well.

But with a white wedding dress most of the time reusing it is not possible because normally they are long and in off white or white colour with long train. You really can’t wear that to anyone else’s wedding and alternation is the only option.

One of my colleagues who got married more than a year ago came up with a brilliant idea with her friends to reuse their wedding dress (they all had white wedding). There are 10 girls altogether one day who were talking about what they are going to do with their wedding dress. Their dresses stared from $1000 to $6000 which was worn only once and was then collecting dust in their closets. So one of them came up with the idea to organise a ‘Wedding dress Night Out’. So last night they went out in their respective wedding dress to a French restaurant. They hired a photographer as well and got some very nice single and group shots.

My colleague told me that she had a great time and all the other people in the restaurant were complimenting them on their dress. I was so excited to hear about the whole idea and seeing their photos was even more amazing. Some of the girls had this princess style gown so they looked like a princess on their night out. I really admire their determination to reuse their dress and getting a great night out with friends in the process.

Where is your wedding dress? Have you worn your wedding dress after your wedding? Please share if you have similar stories.

17 responses to “Can you wear your wedding dress again?

  1. Wedding dresses are over rated.I think television and celebrities have great influence in everyday women in buying wedding dress. They tend to forget that for a multi millionaire,spending $100,000 in a dress may be justifiable but for ordinary people even spending $10,000 seems outrageous when you know you will wear that dress for a day or few hours in some cases.I think most women dream of having fairytale wedding and the wedding industry is cashing on it well.

    I know a friend who spend almost 50% of her wedding budget on a dress and accessories so she had to cut down on number of guests. I didn’t get the point as I would love all my friends and family to be there to celebrate my happiness than having my dream dress .

    You did a great job with your wedding dress. Loved it. It looked so elegant and you were looking beautiful in your wedding day. 🙂

  2. I love that in Nepali culture you can wear your wedding sari(s) again, it just seems so much more practical.

    I’m not a very fancy person, and I just couldn’t justify spending thousands on a wedding dress that I would only wear once. It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. There is a show in the US called “Say Yes to the Dress” that feeds in to the whole fairy tale spending idea of– “it’s your day, you’ll never have another wedding day, the dress is so important, it should be at least 10% (or more) of your budget.” these women sometimes spend $5,000-$10,000 on a dress they will only wear for a few hours! Granted some women are rich, but others are middle class and just want the “dream” of a super glamorous wedding and put second mortgages on their houses and take out loans!

    So when I was looking for a dress I was keeping in mind something elegant but reasonable. I was really happy to find something that was comfortable and fit the “feel” of our outdoor wedding, something that was really nice (it was a “designer” label) but since the style was discontinued it was deeply deeply discounted. I was so excited to get the dress I wanted, quite below the price I was looking for! No guilt even though I only wore it once 🙂

  3. I think most women are very attached to their wedding dress and they keep them as souvenir. But if you paid so much for a dress , it is a good ides to sell and get some money back so you can use it where you need it. Hope to read all about your big day one day 🙂

  4. I don’t even like wearing white (seriously, not even white socks!) so I have no idea what I will wear for my wedding. I am definitely not a princess type of dress girl, so will probably go for a simple Grecian style. I have seen a few websites where women sell their wedding dresses so maybe that is an option for people who are not so attached to their dress? I just wonder how many people actually buy the used ones.

  5. 10 outfit’s for you wedding? That’s so much. !0 days was you ceremony? When we will have our wedding we celebrate in Germany , till now I haven’t a dress. First we dont know when get my better half his visa, and second till this time I want make a diät….hahahahha
    I dont want wearing a white dress, because its what you wrote, just wearing for one day. I know it’s the most important day in a woman Life, but we want go to a nice long honeymoon, thats more important for us. And if we in Nepal after the wedding we will make a ceremony there too…..for that I m wear nepali Rai caste dress.
    My friend, she got married 5 years ago, her dress is in the box..

    • My wedding was so long because our parents wanted to have a big proper wedding. In Nepal sometimes a wedding can go for a month depending on what your family wants.

      Ohoo I can’t wait for you to get married with ur better half and see the photos especially you in a traditional Rai outfit 🙂 It will be just wonderful. And you made a right decision on having small wedding and go for a big honeymoon. I believe that is great way to start your life together.

  6. I had four different ceremonies/functions. at my wedding (Holud, Akd, Wedding, and Walima). I wore blue to my Holud, brownish red Sari for Akd, white Sari with red border for the wedding and dark torquise Sari for the Walima(Reception). I plan to wear all of those Saris again. But I didn’t bring any with me to Canada and haven’t been back to Bangladesh post-nupital.

    • I am sure each of your wedding outfit is beautiful. Love to see them if you have photos of them. I brought most of my wedding outfits here as I wanted to wear them again. If I have left it in Nepal, it will just stay in my mum’s wardrobe.

  7. I’d say we live once as indulge once and hopefully marry once so a little but of binge spending is justifiable. Hiring is sensible but it’s odd to think about you special days outfit being worn already by someone else. I would consider selling out or renting out your dress I’d say 😉 however, in Sri Lanka as far I know, we wear white/ off white saris with a train and those are not wearable again unless ofcourse some alterations are done perhaps. I think even the wedding dresses come with alterations possible nowadays. Like I’m sure I want a beach wedding so I’ll have a dress that can be shortened after the ceremony for comfort on the beach rather than spending large amounts having two dresses for less than 5 hours (or something) 🙂
    I’m all excited now hehe

    • I did a big wedding and our parents spent lots of money on it but I did it mostly for them than me. I loved every minute of it but if I was to choose I would have done small wedding and travel the world for honeymoon with that money.

      I have a friend who paid $10,000 for her wedding dress and she paid it herself which makes me wonder why wedding dress are so important. I would be happy to look nice on my wedding dress with unexpensive wedding dress with wonderful and.

      I have a feeling you may be married in Red Tash 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I hope your feelings come true 😀

        We wear red according to Sri Lankan tradition on the home-coming or reception day, when the girl goes to the boy’s house.. or something.
        I’d like to have weddings in both traditions really. It’d be so cool 😀 Two weddings spread over 3 countries..dream come true 😀 *fingers crossed*

  8. No wedding dress… nice way to wear it again. I like the idea of reusable, so much more practical – and one gets to enjoy wearing it again.

  9. It’s been about a decade we are married, my wife never wore her traditional wedding dress again and probably won’t in future even though she fits in perfectly. She says she’s saving that for the pyre (again another tradition). i won’t mind wearing mine but I can’t fit in my Sherwani!

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