Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 10

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English Nepal Basa
Water lah
Cooking pot Ka-sah-ri
Cup Ka-yah (-yo)
Fork Kaa-taa
Griddle Dwaah
Kitchen knife Ku-inn
Ladle Dha-wah
Pan Taa-kyaa
Pitcher Ghah
Plate De-maa
Spatula Cha-tann
Spoon Cham-chaa
Stove Bhu-tuu(-too)
Utensils Tha-la-ba-la
Beans Buu-bah (boo-)
Breakfast Kau-laa
Meat Laa
Minced meat Chunn-laa
Chicken meat Khaa-yaa laa
Curry Ka-waaph
Dinner Be-li (belly)
Egg Kheynn
Feast Bhway
Fish Nyaa (Kenya)
Fruits Si-saa-bu-saa
Lunch Jyah-naa
Relish a-chaar
Rice Jaa
Snack Tuch-chaa


4 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 10

  1. I am sure they really appreciated that you tried so hard on learning Nepali as well as Newari. I am sure my Newari pronunciation is not great either.

  2. I tried my best at Newari when I met Shiva’s parents. His father was so excited, he spent a long time working with me to at least get my “Subaay” pronunciation right. One thing I learned is that when there are two aas and a y at the end, its really more of a tonal marker. The A’s are like two a’s, not one long a. So like, ah, ah, and with a y at the end sounds like it drops off quickly. I wish there was a pinyin for Newari, because it reminds me more of Chinese than Nepali or Hindi does. My Nepali attempts at Dha, da, dtha…etc were appreciated. I was informed that Newaris also struggle with these sounds.

  3. In GUjarati
    Jaa – Go
    Laa – Give
    Wound – Ghaah

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