Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 13

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English Nepal Basa
Is this Durbar Square? Laay-kuu tha-na khak laa?
What is the name of this place? Thwa thaay-yaa naa chhu khak?
How do I get to ____________? _______gu-khee wa-ne-gu?
Go down this way Thu-khee jhaa-saa
Is it that way? U-khee khak laa?
Is it far? Taa-paah la?
We went to go by taxi Ji-pin taxii wa-ne-gu.
Is there a bus to Kathmandu? Yee wa-ne-gu bas du laa?
When does it arrive? Ga-ba-le-wa-i?
Where does it stop? Ga-na di-ki-i?
Please take me there. Ji-tah a-na-ta-ka-yaa-bi-yaa di-saa

4 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 13

  1. i lob neware langugaes

  2. nelson pradhan

    Am a Newar from India and m much interested to learn Newar my mother tongue my mother language that my great grandfathers spoke before they migrated to India in lieu of job and a better future.I love my Newa Rajya and my language .Regs Nelson Pradhan

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