Teej 2012

Today is the Fasting day of Teej as I have explained in my previous post.

Like every year, this year as well we celebrated Dhar khane din of Teej in Sydney with lots of food and music. Even though we are so far away from home, it feels good to be celebrating Nepali festivals with friends and family here.

As always we donned our red sari and jewelleries and met at one of our friends place. We all cooked a dish for the entrée and dinner.

I baked some cupcakes this year. To mark the day, I even put “HAPPY TEEJ’ on the cup cake.

While the girls danced on Teej songs and had fun, the boys were busy playing cards and enjoying in their own way.

Later in the evening we played a game called Antakshari (literally “from the last letter”: Singing competition where each group sings a song that begins with the letter with which the previous group’s song ended) with girls in one group and boys in the other.

We only sang Nepali songs. There were lots of times when both the team were lost for songs but the final result; Girls won the contest. It was so fun when everyone was racking their brain to get a song and we had lots of old songs. Nice game.

It was a fun celebration. Here are some of the photos from the celebration.

Happy Teej Everyone!!!


8 responses to “Teej 2012

  1. Thats so pitty, I m comming to late for teej. But I h happy to celebrate Dasahin, Tiha and Holy and so many festivals more in Nepal.
    At the moment I m in Doha and waiting of my connecting flight 🙂

  2. awesome post as always. No words for the way you work upon Nepali festivals. Great. and i must say you are beautiful(though i couldn’t see Ur face in complete way)

  3. I just broke my first Teej ko fast 🙂 I thought I’d do my own post as well but mine was a day at work and home.. celebrating all on my own 🙂 Happy Teej to you too! 🙂

  4. Looks like you all had fun. I like that you brought some of your culture with you. Does it draw much interest from those of non-Nepali backgrounds?

    • Thanks nelle. It feels really good to be able to celebrate Nepali festivals in Sydney and still be part of Nepali culture and traditions.

      Yesterday there were so many Nepali women in red sari everywhere, some curious people did ask what the occasion was. I think Sydney is getting so multicultural now that , most of the people know some Nepali people as friend or colleague and lots of people are aware of Nepali culture :).

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