Hanson are back and in Australia

I am sure you remember Hanson. If not, listen to the following song to refresh your memory.

Yap they are three brothers Isaac, Zach and Taylor who were so popular when I was growing up. Their song MMMbop was an anthem of every party then.

Hanson’s 1997 album Middle of Nowhere went five-times platinum. Their singles such as Where’s the Love and MMMbop set the charts alight. I used to love them and my favourite was Taylor, he played the piano. Ohoo his long blond hair :). Also Zach was such a cute kid.

After their success in music, they suddenly disappeared. Anyway, the good news is that they are back into music after a long time and are in Australia right now. I was listening to my local FM station and it felt so good to hear their interview and MMMbop after such a long time.

Now they are all grown up and are family men with kids. I can’t believe how time flys by.

They are in Australia as a stop on their Shout It Out World Tour 2012. How great is that! If you were a fan of Hanson, check if they are coming to a city near you.

11 responses to “Hanson are back and in Australia

  1. I loved them as a kid ! ! Oh, my ! Are they making a comeback ? It’s a mystery why they disappeared. They were so talented.

  2. Oh great. That song is stuck in my head now – thanks M! I had an Astronomy instructor who used to “sing” that one every once in a while during his lectures.

  3. Gosh M, I didn’t know you like Hanson. I love them! Haha… Did you watch their concert in Australia? I watched their concert here in Manila back in March and it was awesome! http://ywriteswhatever.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/hanson-in-manila-and-the-fan-girls-dream-came-true/
    They actually didnt “disappear” because they still make music, releasing records and touring… But because they are not the commercial band anymore, the mainstream media did not report too much about them in the past years. Yes, they are all grown and married men and with kids, but they’re still adorable as ever! Now, this is one of my favorite posts in your blog. 😉 90s music rocks!

  4. You’re awesome for still liking Hanson!

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