Ready for holiday

I meant to write this post yesterday but I have been really busy this week. So finally I got some time to write this morning.

Right now I am at Sydney International Airport waiting for our flight to Bangkok. We checked in, passed immigration so nothing else to do but wait. AS is busy on his mobile playing Sudoko while I am browsing the net and writing this post.

This week has been really busy as my brother with SIL and little nephew left for Nepal. Then the whole week at work I had meetings and trainings that kept me very busy.

Anyway I am just glad that we are going on a holiday. Luggage wise I didn’t have much problem. I think it is better when I fly out from Sydney but coming back is always a problem with so much stuffs that I bring with me. We have more than 30 kgs in our luggage which is only gifts for my family and AS’s family. I always think I haven’t bought much but when we started packing, OMG there is so much. I really hope everyone will love our gifts as we spent lots of time on them.

First stop will be Thailand where we will spend 4 days going around and shopping in Bangkok. We will also meet AS’s cousin with his wife and little girl (she is under 2 and this is the first time we will be meeting her) so that is really exciting. After that we will be in Nepal for the rest of the holiday.

Really looking forward to spending a good time with our family. All the fear I have expressed in this blog before has gone away and I am really looking forward to having a great time.

I will have a cold but not a white Christmas this year so that is completely different than Christmas in Australia as I have mentioned in my post here, no BBQ, no beach.

I will be updating my blog  and reading other blogs less frequently until I come back to Sydney so till then take care everyone. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you wish to send me a Christmas Gift, please read here to know what I want :).

9 responses to “Ready for holiday

  1. Thanks everyone. I am in Kathmandu now, will keep you posted when I can 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. May you have a safe and wonderful holiday.

  3. Have a good holiday!

  4. Have a fabulous trip, M – and be safe.

  5. Happy shopping in Bangkok… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… I enjoy reading your blog almost everyday…

  6. Wish you marry christmas too……..Hope we meet together

  7. Enjoy ur stay at Bkk and have lots of fun in Ktm 🙂

  8. Yay.. have fun M & shop lots of funky jewellery from Bangkok 🙂
    You will miss the fireworks though 😦 we could have met on 31st near opera house, hehehehe sounds so filmy 🙂

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