Namaste from Kathmandu

Finally I am in Kathmandu now. We had a fun time in Bangkok about which I will write in detail when I get time :). It was really hot and humid in Bangkok. From the extreme hot weather there I am now in Kathmandu where the weather is really cold.

The flight to Kathmandu was very emotional for me; I was really happy but anxious at the same time. It was a short 3 hours flight so it went really quick. Almost half the plane was full of Nepali people returning home so I could hear people speaking in Nepali from all direction. It took a while for me to adjust mentally as it is not common in Sydney to hear so many people speaking Nepali at the same time.

Almost 2 hours after take-off we entered Nepal and I could see the beautiful Himalayas. It was so nice to feel the beauty of the place. The snow-capped mountains and hills looked magnificent.


But as we got closer to Kathmandu, I could also see a layer of smoke just above valley blurring my view to the beautiful panoramic mountains. It is so sad to realise that Kathmandu is really polluted these days.


As we got closer I could see some villages with small houses and large fields and then suddenly, there were houses everywhere. I knew we were in Kathmandu then as the view was only of houses after houses. Finally we landed in Tribhuvan international airport.

The airport hasn’t changed a bit from our last visit. There was a queue to clear the immigration and then we took the luggage and were out. I was not expecting my parents to pick us up as I mentioned in my last post but as soon as I came out, I saw my dad waving at us. I was really happy to see him. It was a good surprise from him.

At the airport, the place looked really chaotic. I am not sure why they don’t manage the place properly. There were so many cars and taxis parked everywhere. There were drivers haggling people offering rides and then there were lots and lots of people I am not sure doing what.

My in laws were still on the way when my dad called them so we waited for a few minutes. It was nice to see all my in laws including my BILs coming to pick us up from the airport. We hopped into the car and made our way home.

From airport to home (AS’s home) was not a bad ride but I got to witness Kathmandu’s chaotic traffic and the pollution. I reminded myself that I will be fine and just need to take care that I drink good water and food so I can enjoy my holiday without getting sick.

My dad also came to AS’s home with us and stayed for lunch so it felt good to see him. After that he left and we spent some time with the rest of the family. They all liked their gifts and were happy to see us in Nepal.

My MIL had already prepared lunch for us as well so I had my first meal in Nepal which was rice, goat curry, cauliflower curry and the yummy lapsi ko achar. It was nice to eat home-made food after many days of Thai food in Thailand.

Dal bhat

Lapsi ko achar

After lunch I went to my house with AS. My FIL dropped us there which was really nice of him. I took all the gifts I had brought for my family with us. Mum was already back from work and dad was home as well.  My brother, SIL and little nephew travelled to Nepal from Australia a week before us. It was so nice to see all my family. My nephew is looking so good and cute. I saw him after 10 days.

We spent some time with them and it was time for me to go back to my new home. My FIL picked us up again and we were back to my new home.

It was our first night here so all the family members were waiting for us. We all sat together in one room having a good conversation. It was nice to see AS spending quality time with his family and they welcomed me into their home with open arms.

We went to bed around 11pm but my body was still in Australian time so was really tired.

Finally I am in Nepal with our family. Will keep you posted from Kathmandu.

Take care everyone and hope all the Christmas shopping are done  🙂

20 responses to “Namaste from Kathmandu

  1. Nepali food seems similar to our Indian food 🙂

    And from what I’ve heard, it’s a beautiful place, which I plan to visit! Soon, hopefully! x

  2. Wishing you and your husband a wonderful holiday and warmest good wishes for the New Year!

  3. near Bhatbhateni store at bhatbhateni, there is a store called ‘Spencer'(written in red ) opposite to ICFC Finance ltd. u can find some very nice statement neckpieces (rs. 300-600) and are great for LBD. when you’ll look at the pieces, will be surprised for the price ! hope you will remember to get some from there. (P.S. they have great ones but few).

  4. You are so lucky to have your home there…sorry to hear about pollution…progress…right? I imagine there would be so many opportunities for adventures and photography in that region…

  5. wohooo.. your reached Nepal, met your family and had home cooked meals..awesome 🙂
    have fun M 🙂

  6. Take care dear, come back fully charged. Can’t wait to read your Thailand and Nepali posts..

  7. Have a great time and Happy Holidays!

  8. Welcome to Kathmandu M!! It has been wonderful exchanging likes and comments on each others posts.

    When I saw the title of your post in my Inbox, I felt strange cause, you know I always write ‘SMiles from Kathmandu’; you said ‘Namaste from Kathmandu’.

    Anyway, it is a good feeling to have you in the same city. I work everyday near Boudhnath Stupa. When you are close please say hello at 01-448-0848 (11AM to 6PM)

    look forward to meeting you!!!

    SMiles from the city you are visiting..

  9. Wellcome home……hahaha the pollution in KTM, did you forget? I have a problem too with them. But last but not least I love Nepal

  10. welcome home M. now be ready to soak urself into chaotic, charismatic and hustle-bustle of the native city besides the unconditional love. yes, environment is very polluted these days as most of the roads are near to get final shape. they are widened. come to the bhatbhateni area and you’ll witness what’s actually going on. 🙂 have a blissful vacation.

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