Wink away

The other day, hubby and I were at having dinner in a restaurant. As we waited for our meal to arrive, he winked at me. I winked back. Then he winked the other eyes and I followed. Then, he winked both the eyes very quickly and I did the same. We were having fun and competing who could wink the eyes quickly.

When I look at him again, he had his eyes closed.

Me: “What happened?”

AS: “Can’t you see I am winking my eyes so fast that you can’t even see them winking”.

Me: “Of course  :)”.

10 responses to “Wink away

  1. cute 🙂
    I would have lost after the first wink. I can never wink my right eye and S-Man can do all kinds of crazy stuff with his eyes.

  2. hahhahahha… these lil funny things keep love alive… 😉 wink wink… 🙂

  3. Ha ha Reminds of Sponge Bob episode where he’s acting as a super hero to replace the original one who is already living in a retirement home. His power is speed. So, SB says, do you want to see how fast I can go and back , from here to that rock ? So the viewer waits, and SB is just standing there… then he says, ” Do you want to see it, again?”

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