Happy Nepali New Year 2071

As I have mentioned before, Nepal follows a different calendar than the Gregorian calendar so Nepali New Year falls on mid-April instead of 1st of January. Bikram Sambat or Nepali Calendar or Nepali patro is approximately 56 years and 8½ months ahead of the Gregorian calendar. Unlike Gregorian months, the lengths of Nepali months are not predetermined, and change from year to year, varying from 29 days to 32 days.

The year 2071 started today as 1st of Baishak, 2071. So wishing all of you a very

Happy Nepali New Year 2071.

In Nepal, people celebrate Nepali New Year in many different ways. Please read this post to learn more about celebration of Nepali New Year in Nepal.


6 responses to “Happy Nepali New Year 2071

  1. Happy new year booth of you

  2. Happy New Year !
    My colleagues were perplexed when I told them it’s 2071 😀

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