Game Of Thrones Season 4 – the shocker

Like all the other fans of Game of Thrones series, I was impatiently waiting for the season 4 to start as well. It had been more than 10 months. I started reading the book a while ago but then stopped as I wanted to enjoy the series first and enjoy the suspense every episode carries.

I was really excited when I got to watch the first episode last week. When it ended I couldn’t get enough and was eagerly waiting for the next one which I watched last night.


Please don’t read further if you haven’t watched the series and plan to watch it.

Having disliked Joffrey for 3 seasons now, I was waiting for someone to kill him and I secretly wished it to happen horribly but I was in for a shocker at the way he has been killed off on his wedding day.

Because he is one of the most hated characters in the show, I though he will be there for a while but no, they just decided to kill him. I am not shocked that he died but of the way he died. I wanted him to be killed in a much more brutal way than just a simple poising. I’m sure many people also felt he deserved a more extreme end than a simple, straight forward poisoning – which only took only about 20 seconds to kill him.

When we finished watching the show yesterday, I was a bit upset because that is not how I wanted the episode to end. However, having watched the series for 3 seasons now I should definitely have expected the unexpected from a writer who bumps off our favourite characters one by one.

Now everyone is speculating on who actually killed the king. I am so eager to find out and can’t wait for the next episode. AS knows as he’s read all the books but he just keeps mum on the topic!

Are you watching Games of Throne? Share your thoughts?

Take care until my next post.


M from nepaliaustralian

10 responses to “Game Of Thrones Season 4 – the shocker

  1. I hadn’t expected him to die this early. I always hated him the way he described Nedd Stark!!

  2. i agree with everyone here..he deserved more suffering. as much as im relieved that hes dead, i feel sad for the uncle.

  3. Great episode and totally stunned.

  4. eleonore mosimann

    me tooooo! wanted more!!! can’t wait to see next episode 😉

  5. exactly my thoughts, yaar. I hate Joffery and was hoping he would die this season. And it did come as a shock, him dying at his own wedding. But even I was upset with the way he died. I wanted him to suffer. Also, I wished there was a bit more of build-up of his villainous character. You know what I mean, right? Like he should have been more ‘mean’ and insulting than he was so when he died you would be like ‘Awesome, Finally’ but I was more like ‘What? Just like that?’ But I guess that’s what makes this series special; you never know what’s gonna happen.

    • I think all this ups and downs are hooking all of us to this series. But when the episode finished last night, I was not happy at all. Is that the way the episode goona end. I really wanted a lot more 😀

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