This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in April 2014 issue.

Plus977 (1)

Finally, summer is here everyone so pack your warm clothes and out with floral dresses and SWIMWEAR.

Like everyone, I have been swimming a lot in this hot weather. And one thing you realise when you swim often is that you need to buy new swimwear. Like everything else in fashion, when I went to buy a new swimwear I was flooded with choices like colour block, tiny prints, high waisted bikini, one piece , halter, belted, tankini and list can go on. Here are some beautiful swimwears you can find in the market.

Going shopping for swimwear can be a bit daunting with so many to choose from and trying all these variety can confuse you even more so here are few simple things to remember when you are shopping for swimwear.

  • If you are tall and have a long torso, break it with horizontal stripes. Tankinis are great for long torsos.
  • If you are short, throw your tankinis and go for bikini with details like ruffle or floras.
  • If you have bigger bottom, higher cut bottom or bottom with skirt will do the trick.
  • If you are pear shaped, colour blocking will make you look sexy.
  • If you have tummy, hide with a suit that flatters and firms.
  • If you have small bust go for swimwear with push-up cups or pads inside. Ruffles or frills on the top will help as well.
  • Darker colours are more slimming in general and dark bottoms are good, if you have hip issue.
  • Don’t forget to mix and match to create different look.
  • Don’t always go after trend but make sure you buy for the body shape and the one you are comfortable in so you will wear the swimwear more often.


  1. OMG I love to swim for exercise, and I also like taking my daughter swimming….but finding a swimsuit is soooo hard! I am big busted so I have to find a swimsuit with proper bra straps so it gives bust support.

  2. I am a grandmother, so mainly I buy one piece swimsuits. I just find that picking up children or having them ‘hang’ on me in the pool, I need to be careful about two pieces’ that ‘expose’ parts! (Not much to show, unfortunately, though! Chuckling about my flat chest!) This had great suggestions for every type of figure! Good post!

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