Sydney winter festival 2014

Like every year, Sydney Winter Festival was held to celebrate the winter but for the first time ever, the Sydney Winter Festival was held at Darling Harbour. The main attractions of the festival were the ice-skating at an outdoor ice skating rink tasting gourmet winter cuisines from food vendors at the Winter Festival Village, relaxation at the Lounge & Beer Garden with traditional winter refreshments including hot chocolate, Glühwein & a selection of premium European beers.Sydney winter festival 2014 (2)

Last weekend, we decided to experience the chills and thrills of snow and ice skating, ice slides and winter activities normally reserved for our northern hemisphere counterparts, and it was all as easy as making the trip to Darling Harbour.

Here are some of the pics from the day.

Sydney winter festival 2014 (1) Sydney winter festival 2014 (3)

Till next time, take care

M from nepaliaustralian


17 responses to “Sydney winter festival 2014

  1. This was so lovely! I am catching up on your lives and news! The two of you look so sweet together and the beautiful winter festival seems wonderful, too! Glad you tried some winter sports, no one got hurt, right?! Smiles and Hugs, Robin

  2. What a beautiful festival! Did you try ice skating? Growing up in Ohio, I used to do all the winter sports and loved them. I could beat all the boys in my school in speed skating races! (There was a pond in back of our school and we always would skate during our lunch recesses.) Have a great week!

  3. I would love to visit Sydney, but am thankful for these views! Take care and hope all is well with you both! Smiles, Robin

  4. Wow looks stunning. You should be be happy you dont get snow, it horrible. I am in michigan and it gets so cold and snowy here. Love the pictures

  5. Hey M, that is truly gorgeous!
    You know I have never gone to Sydney to see this. I should make the journey next year and write the date down. How many days does it go for?
    Perth has nothing like this. BTW: Great shots. Hugs Paula xx

  6. Beautiful images… looks like a great place for kids and all to have fun…
    Winter for us is a drop in temperature to 20 deg C and Snow is seen only in images 🙂

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