Vivid 2016 and Smashed iphone6

Last week, we went to watch Vivid like every year. It is one of the best shows Sydney puts on apart from the New Year fireworks. I loved Vivid this year as there was line-up of amazing lights in even more places.

Vivid 2016 (3)

My favourite was the animated canvas on Opera house inspired by Aboriginal arts. It was so nice that we stayed in front of it for a long time, admiring the view and taking some great photos.

Vivid 2016 (13) Vivid 2016 (12) Vivid 2016 (11) Vivid 2016 (10) Vivid 2016 (9) Vivid 2016 (8) Vivid 2016 (7) Vivid 2016 (6)

Another one of my favourites was the Sydney’s Hidden Stories projection onto the Custom’s House. It was full of great characters like the lizard, snakes, cockatoos, gnomes and gumnut fairies and even a witch. Even though it was a cold evening, we loved the night out and Chhori was happy to run around.

Vivid 2016 (5) Vivid 2016 (1) Vivid 2016 (2) Vivid 2016 (4)

On the way back to the train station, we found a phone on the middle of the road. It was an iphone6 and a car must have run over it. The screen was all smashed and we could not see anything.

The phone had a cover which had a student card with name and a photo. The first thing I could think of was to search for her name on Facebook just in case we could find her. We found a Facebook page with the same name but we were not sure if that was the same girl as the photo seemed a little different.

In that mean time, the phone started ringing but we couldn’t pick it as the screen was smashed and was not sensitive to touch. So I decided to leave a message on her Facebook just in case it was the same person.

The phone kept ringing and eventually died.

The next morning, I checked my Facebook for a response but there was none so I decided to call the university. Luckily when I talked to the lady there, there was only one student with that name. So I left a message for her to call me back and let her know that the phone is with me.

That afternoon she called me and was happy to know that I had her phone. Unfortunately I had to inform her that the phone was smashed and unusable. We arranged for her to pick the phone up from my friend’s office as that was closer to her.

The next day, she picked up the phone and I was happy that the phone was reunited with the owner even though it was battered. It is a good feeling when you know that you did the right thing. 🙂

And it was really nice of her to send me a pack of nice chocolates as a “Thank you.”

Do you have a similar story where someone has returned your lost item or you found the owner for a lost item that you found? Please do share.

Have a great day.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


6 responses to “Vivid 2016 and Smashed iphone6

  1. These lights are amazing – I’ve seen a couple posts on them recently, and they never get old!

    As for the phone, I’m so glad you found its owner – I would be so worried if I were to lose mine and so grateful to have it returned!

  2. So far I have only returned a couple of wallets but it was always at the police station so I have no clue of the rightful owner got it back.
    Too bad about the phone, perhaps the student should have used an old Nokia phone then the car would be broken instead :p

    Wonderful pictures, I didn’t know that there is such event. Would be wonderful to have something like that as well here. I just checked the temperature in Sydney, let’s just say that is standard summer temperatures for us here and we run around in shorts 😀

    • If you tell new generation to use Nokia phone, they will look at you as if you are crazy :). I remember my first mobile, Nokia and very strong too :). It fell multiple time and never broke.

      I have always preferred warmer weather and have written multiple posts with reasons why I hate winter.

      If this is your summer, I will never visit you in winter for sure 🙂

  3. Great job, I am sure she appreciated what you did very much.
    The light show looks wonderful! We have a similar one here in Lodz, Poland in autumn and it’s really nice too. I don’t remember finding anything and returning, because I rarely find things 😀 But once in Nepal I left my wallet with lot of cash inside, at a shop near BhatBhateni, I rushed back there after realizing in the evening that I had left it there or somewhere in that area. The man from store returned me the wallet with everything inside it 🙂 It was very nice and kind of him.
    Lindor chocolates are so good, but luckily I am not addicted to them 🙂

    • Vivid is great, just need to make sure we pick a not too cold day 🙂
      Poland is on my bucket list, hope we will get there one day 🙂
      You are so lucky to find your wallet back, especially in Nepal as it will be bit hard to track you down.

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