Gender of the child should not limit the choice of toys

As a society, especially in the western world, we are so driven by the unwritten rule of the society that we don’t even stop to think before following it.

I was surprised and annoyed when one of my friends commented that Chhori has boy’s toys like cars, trucks and buses.

But this is not the first time I have heard such comments. When Chhori was a baby, I had her dress in onesies which was had blue stripes and someone commented on Facebook, “How cute is the baby boy”. I don’t know this person (friend of my friend) but just by the colour of the clothes Chhori was wearing, she judged the gender of the child.

I have to admit, Chhori’s wardrobe is full of pink outfits but she also has blue dresses.

In the same way she has dolls but she also has cars and trucks. She actually plays with cars and trucks more than dolls at this stage.

Chhori (1)

She may turn out to be a girly girl in the future but I still want her to make her own decision on what toys she wants to play with, not just dolls and dress ups. It is my job to try to expose her to a wide range of toys, games and activities so she doesn’t get ideas that certain interests are only suitable for males or females.

I think it is not appropriate to tell children what their interests should be. If they are never offered the chance, a child may never find out if they enjoy a certain toy or style of play.

Do you agree with me? Please share your opinion about gender division of colour, toys and games for children.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian



15 responses to “Gender of the child should not limit the choice of toys

  1. I agree with this fantastic post! Children need to have diverse choices of toys, dishes and pans track children how to be helpful. Trucks and tools are helpful in the future in either sexes future. I am glad you allow Chhori to play with real gardening tools as well as watching educational shows. 🙂 ❤

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I grew up “fighting”, rowdy, playing with cars, gameboys and toy swords, but I also loved my play-kitchen and barbie dolls on the side.

    The gender of anyone should not be a limitation for anything in life. If I have a child of my own someday, I too will let it play with whatever it wants. Restricting access to ‘toys of the other gender’ from a young age instills these barrier and limitation in children that they internalize as they grow older! I love that you’re allowing your daughter to play with whatever she wants and that you’re not believing in this illogical thinking!

  3. I think there’s even more stigma the other way around. There really shouldn’t be any issue either way, but I can only imagine what people will say if a boy wants to play with dolls. I’ve also heard a parent say her son can’t wear his older sister’s shirt that she’s outgrown because it’s purple. Imagine all the money we waste because boys and girls can’t share clothes and toys. There’s also the bigger issue of girl toys limited to dolls, while boys get to have engineering toys, and how this lack of exposure at an early age contributes to the lack of women representation in STEM fields as adults.

  4. I totally agree with you. Children shouldn’t be restricted to just one kind of toys. If a girl child likes cars and trucks, then so be it. Same with boy children liking dollhouses and dress-up games. I do not like this unspoken rule of gender-segregated toys and clothes in Western society either. It’s great that you’re giving your daughter all options, so that she can enjoy and make her own decisions on what she likes 🙂 I would do the same 🙂

  5. Ruby loves Truck Town and Rescue Bots, Sidney Sailboat as well on Tiny Pop but no girl cartoons like care bear or my little pony. it’s her choice after all. plus, one day she was wearing a red and white stripey bodysuit and someone commented she is a lovely boy .. what can I say… we live in a society where everything is dictated by certain rules

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