Mummy’s Nappy

These days normally Chhori and AS go to grocery shopping while I fix things at home.

One day AS came home a bit horrified from one of these shopping trips.

He told me that they were at the checkout and a lady before them was buying sanitary pads.

Chhori, in a very loud voice, said, “Look papa, it is mama’s nappy” pointing at the pads and of course everyone around them looked at it.

I couldn’t help but laugh because I had taught her that.

One day she asked me “What’s that?” pointing to the sanitary pads. For me it was easier to explain them as mama’s nappy as she is too small to talk about the real stuff.

I guess I need to think before I explain things to my curious daughter as she will say the most embarrassing things at the most inopportune moments.

Do you have any such incident, a bit funny, a bit embarrassing? Please do share so I can make AS feel better  🙂

Happy Weekend everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian


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11 responses to “Mummy’s Nappy

  1. Oh my word that’s hilarious! I suspect all us parents have similar stories and anyone there at the time who has been a parent was probably understanding and sympathetic! Great story! 😀

  2. This is similar to your husband’s experience but my brothers were carrying in groceries and other things from the store. Long ago, when I was about 13, they were 11 and 9. My 11 year old brother told his visiting friend, “These are sanitary napkins but we don’t keep them in the kitchen with napkins. We keep them in the bathroom because my sister uses them for “accidents.” ( Implying I peed my pants! I was so mortified, embarrassed!) I could hardly look at the young man nor my brothers! Tell AS his daughter Chhori will embarass him more than a dozen more times! 😊 💞

    • OMG, poor you. Sometimes all these unpredicted situations make a good memory for future but I am sure you were embarrassed in that instance. I have to tell AS there are lot more to come :). Big hug and kisses.

  3. This reminds me of when I was a kid. You know how they put chocolate, mints, and other stuff by the check out counter at the grocery? So my sister and I were waiting in line and I asked LOUDLY “So what’s a condom?”. I embarrassed her in the most spectacular way that I fortunately/unfortunately have not been able to replicate since 😛

  4. HAHA! OMG this is hilarious, I love this story! Especially because Dear Daddy was so terrified. Your chhori is a smart little one, and I think it’s good to expose kids to stuff earlier on.

    Luckily we haven’t had any crazy embarrassing moments, but I did wake up to saying “oh shit!” thinking I overslept the other day, only to realise little one was next to me and he giggled and repeated it. *face palm* Thankfully, we haven’t had a repeat of it, haha.

  5. My little one is very small but I do have a funny one with my brother. He was about 3 and we were in a cue to buy some groceries. Now, he had a bit of an obsession with my mums legs when she was wearing tights so this very old lady (I think she was about 70) was in front of us in the cue. My little brother slowly sat next to me and started touching the woman’s legs saying to her “you got beautiful legs” in his toddler pronunciation. You can imagine I was embarrassed but in the same time God it was hilarious. The old lady panicked and she was so shocked, started shouting at me that my little brother is a pervert 😂😂😂😂

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