Happy New Year 2018 from Singapore

Dear friends, readers, commenters, likers, followers and others,

Thank you everyone for an awesome 2017. Thanks for your interactions on this blog. Your readership makes this blog worth keeping up and I can’t express my gratitude warmly enough for engaging with me and my posts and helping me reflect continually.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

We went to Marina Bay in Singapore to watch the fireworks to welcome 2018. The fireworks was beautiful. 

Take care till next time everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


P.S: Do not forget to vote your favourite blog . NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2017

12 responses to “Happy New Year 2018 from Singapore

  1. M, I am worried and wondering why my comments and best wishes aren’t getting to you as well as being published?
    Many best wishes for you, AS and Chhori for the happiest, joyous and beautiful 2018!! ❤🌈❤✨❤

  2. Hi, dear! I voted back a week ago on your awards post.
    I posted also including your name and blog link to the award nomination post.
    I really appreciated this so much, hope you look back on the December post. I have had friends I see stopped by to like the 🎈🎉Nepaliaustralian’s Award Nomination Post!! 🏆
    My brother went into brain surgery on our Thanksgiving, November and second surgery in December. . . So sorry I missed talking to you. I hope you (again) publish my votes.
    Hugs to you, A.S. and Chhori. Happy belated New Year!

    • Sorry for late approval, was bit busy last few weeks.
      How is your brother doing ? Wish him speedy recovery. Sending you and your family lots of 💕 💖💓

      • My brother is improving slowly but surely. I understand being busy, I hope you didn’t mind my getting worried. I care about you (and worried something happened to someone in your family. Now, I am totally relieved!) xo 💖

  3. Happy new year! What a great place to spend new years!

  4. Happy New Year to you and to your family!

  5. Happy new year to you! 😀

  6. Seems like you are having a blast. WIsh you and your family a very happy new year too. Have a blessed year ahead.

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