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Babies are born!!!

If you remember a while ago I wrote a post (I see babies everywhere) that two of my good friends were pregnant. I am happy to announce that both of them gave birth to beautiful babies.

SK had her baby girl before Christmas. The baby was quite big, 4.9 kg. She looked so adorable in her hospital gown. She looked like she was already a few months old but she was only five days old when I went to meet SK. I am in so much in love with her already. She has lots of hair, small eyes and long fingers and toes. While we were in the hospital she didn’t cry at all. She just looked at us and made funny noises moving her arms and legs. I can’t wait to see her in her little pink dress I bought for her. Girls are so easy to buy for as there are millions of choices. They named her SS and here are some beautiful photos of her.


Little SS

When I was talking to SK about the birth I was a bit scared to hear what she had to go through.

As the baby was overdue, they induced her to start the labour. They gave her a drip which she said was painful. As she started to have pain, little SS’s heart rate became really high so they decided to do caesarean. It was a last-minute decision but very good one as the baby was big and natural birth was near impossible. Anyway after the birth SK was still in pain. It was a major surgery and it will take her a few weeks to recover. I am so glad she has her parents, brother and sister-in-law there along with her husband who look after her and little SS.

RD had a baby boy last week and they named him AD. He looks so cute and weighs 4.28 kg. RD was also overdue so they had to induce her as well. She spent 2 days in hospital before she had the baby.  She was complaining how she had to be in labour for 7 hours before they decided to have a caesarean.  Lucky for her, her husband and her mum were there every minute to look after her. Here are some beautiful photos of adorable AD.

Little AD

Both moms are super happy and now back home with their buds. They both said they would not have it any other way. Guess the joy of motherhood is beyond comparison.

For me I have two more babies in my life who will call me aunty.  It is such a joy to be around kids and looking at them made me love them more.

 I am sure there will be more posts around these babies in the future.