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Why we women are our own worst enemy?

Does this happen to you that you are angry, irritated, annoyed, frustrated and upset and the reason behind this is another woman? It can be your friend, sister, boss, in laws, relatives or even your mum but it is another woman. 

If your answer to this question is NO, I have to say that you are surrounded by   an amazing group of women. 

I have always found that it is always a woman who will start a rumour about another woman or will be the first one to criticize another woman’s man, dress, hair, shoes, makeup, cooking etc. The list keeps on growing. 

There are lots of surveys done every year and always the result is:  it is true that women are really getting hurt, and we’re doing it to each other in many ways.

Women are expected to be pretty and take care of herself but if she doesn’t she is marked as a tomboy. After marriage, if the wife looks after her husband, it is ok but if a husband helps the wife, then he is hen-pecked. At work if it is a male boss who bosses you around, that is expected but if it is a female boss, she is a bitch. 

Why do we need to call names to the woman who is independent and has opinions. Why are we non supportive, jealous, envious, and insensitive to one another? Why do we have to be better than her rather than just be best at what we can. 

Studies have shown that women are tougher on women than men are on woman; that women treat female leaders with less respect and support than they do male leaders; that women tend to reject work submitted by other women twice as many times than the same work submitted by men. 

I live in a country where we have a female Prime Minister and Governor General. But it is annoying to watch these women in the news for their fashion sense than for their leadership. They always get more noticed for their hair colour and wrong outfit on certain events than how they are really doing their job. Most of the time there are female journalists making fun of their fashion sense. I am sure I have never seen any fashion police behind male leader. 

Another problem with us is that women always judge the woman for mistakes of others like if the child is naughty, it’s the mum who didn’t teach him manners or if the husband is having an affair, there must be something wrong about the wife for him to go that way. Come on! When are we going to support each other? 

Why are we wasting so much energy fighting each other? Why don’t we use than energy to support each other? Let’s unite and put that energy to good use.