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It was only yesterday that I was laughing my head off with a colleague of mine. I saw her in the kitchen in the morning and I saw something odd about her. After observing her for a while I realised that she was wearing her ballet flat shoe rather than her normal high heels. So I asked her if her leg was ok because I usually wear my flats only if my leg is aching or I have to walk a long distance.

She told me the reason and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Like me, she is crazy about her shoes. I am sure she owns more pairs of shoes than I do but we always argue about it. Anyway, back to the story. Every morning she leaves home wearing her flat shoe but carries her high heels in her bag. So as usual, today she did the same. Went to the cupboard, took a pair of black shoe, put them in her bag and left home.

When she reached office and she was exchanging her flat for high heels, she realised that she had brought mismatched black shoes. The worst thing was that they both looked completely different, one plain black and the other one with strips. And to top it off, they were both for the left feet. So the whole of yesterday, she was running around office in her flats.

She admitted that she made the mistake because she had too many pairs of shoes. But like me there is always something nice in the market and it is hard to pass a shoe shop without looking at them and buying a few pairs now and then.

When we were kids, our teachers told us not to laugh at someone else’s mistakes. I learnt my lesson this morning. I was running a bit late for work so after getting ready, I picked up my earrings and ran for the lift. I put on my earrings in the lift without even looking at it properly. But while driving, I saw myself in the rear-view mirror and guess what; I was wearing mismatched earrings. It was not so bad as both of them were pearl but one has diamonds around it and the other doesn’t.  Have a look.

Well I guess, I will say it is the latest fashion to wear mismatched earnings if someone asks me 🙂

Do share your crazy mismatch story.