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Venice under water

Remember a few months ago, I wrote about my travel to Venice, Italy. While we were there our guide, showing a line on the wall, had mentioned that sometimes the water comes up to that level. At that time I was thinking how it would be in Venice when the water is so high up. He said that in 1872, the whole Venice was flooded and still from time to time, the water goes up quite high.

And now I understand what he meant. The water in Venice has risen to be the sixth highest since 1872 and flooded 70 per cent of the city.

Heavy rains and high tides have brought some of the worst flooding to Venice in years. The “acqua alta”, or high water, is common this time of year but this year it went a lot higher than normal. Venice suffered its worst flooding in 22 years as water in the Italian city rose to more than 1.5 metres (five feet) deep before beginning to recede.

Makeshift wooden walkways had to be used to cross areas of St Mark’s square, with transportation proving difficult for residents.



I really hope everything will be back to normal soon and the tourists there will be happy to go around and see the beautiful city.