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21 Dec 2011

You might be wondering what I am going to write about 21 December 2011. Actually it started out as any normal day yesterday but then I couldn’t believe my joy when I logged into my blog. I have reached a milestone of 10,000 views but the amazing thing was I got 700+ hits yesterday. It may be normal traffic on some of your blogs but my highest has been 300+ so to have so many hits made my day. 

When I first started blogging back in September I wasn’t even sure if anyone would read what I wrote but gradually I was happy to see traffic on my site. This month I was also given awards, four of them :).  Now I am very proud to say that I have a few regular readers who shower me with their love, support, comments and likes. You know I am talking about you :). So thank you so much. I wouldn’t have come this far without your support. 

Starting a blog has helped me to connect with lots of like minded people and introduced me to some wonderful human beings. Also, reading others blogs have given me great insights on lots of topics which I would not have known otherwise. So Thank You to all who read, commented, liked and supported me so far. Hope to have the same love and support in the future as well.

Happy reading and thank you once again!!!