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Our new garden

Remember, a while ago we moved into a new apartment. We had a choice of getting a house or an apartment at that stage.

A house meant we could have backyard and frontyard but we would need to travel longer for work. We chose to stay closer to the city and our work hence we ended up buying an apartment.

So far, we are loving our new place and happy about our choice. Now we have one more reason to love our place, we have our own garden.


Before we even moved into this place, AS had this crazy idea to have a synthetic grass on the balcony and convert it into a garden. I was not thrilled about the idea in the beginning as synthetic grass is really expensive and I wasn’t not sure how it would turn out.


However, when we moved to our new place, we have a big balcony. Actually the balcony is bigger than two of the bedrooms we have.So finally, we decided that it would be a good idea and had laid the fake grass and we are quite pleased with the end result.


We bought outdoor furniture and a few plants and pots and finally the garden is done. Of course how can an Aussie garden be complete without a barbeque :), so we have a gas barbecue.


The garden is now an extra place where we relax, enjoy our breakfast in the weekends and also entertain guests. It has also been a place for me to just lie down and watch the sky or just unwind.


All our family and friends are impressed with our idea and they loved it. I have to thank AS for his creative thinking in using the synthetic grass. 🙂