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The little white lies we tell kids

From a very young age, our parents have taught us that lying is bad but at the same time I find that most parents tell lots of white lies to their kids.

Simple lies like “There’s no more candy in the house” or “The police arrest children who swear are very common.

I was just wondering if we do it because we are protecting our children, sparing their feelings or the just that we can’t resist telling little white lies.

While growing up, I was looked after by my grandmother when my parents were at work. She had to look after 3 small kids, poor grand ma. But I remember a few white lies that she used to keep us in line.

  • You had better be careful; if you pick your nose you might put a hole in your brain.
  • Don’t cry or a big cat will come and take you.
  • Spit out the seeds or a tree will grow in your stomach.

I know sometimes it is hard to answer the questions that kids ask. Like if they asked

  • Is Santa Claus real?
  • What is sex?
  • Why tooth fairy comes only when I sleep?

No matter how hard we try, sometimes it is easier to tell them white lies than to tell them the truth. Most of them we may have heard from our own parents when we were young. But is that fair to the kids? Do we do it because we don’t know the answer or we want to be nice to them?

The other white lies I hear around me are

  • The car won’t start unless everyone has their belt on.
  • If you pull a face like that again, the wind might change and you’ll stay like that forever.
  • If you tell me the truth you won’t get into trouble.
  • You are the prettiest girl/most handsome boy in the world
  • That good people eventually succeed, and that bad people will ultimately be held accountable.
  • When people /pets die, they go to heaven.
  • Chocolate will give you acne.

According to the study, many parents spare their kids heartbreak by telling them these white lies but I don’t have kids so I really don’t know the actual reason. Still I find it amazing what lie parents tell their kids just to make them stop crying or listen to them.

Do share what white lies you were told as a kid by your parents? Do you ever lie to your kids?

Till next post, take care.

M from nepaliaustralia


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