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30 Days list

How many times has it happened to you that you buy something and as soon as you come home you realise that you don’t like it or you don’t need it. Sometimes you can return them but others you are stuck with. It happens to me a lot and I get annoyed for not being smarter with my buying.

I like something in the shop after trying it on and checking it properly so I happily give my credit card only to be disappointed in it after I come home.

So I and AS made a pact, if we are spending more than $100 items doesn’t matter what it is, we will keep them in our 30 days list. After 30 days if we still feel like we want that item then we will go and buy it.

We read it somewhere and thought it might work out for us and save us some money in the process.

I have a few items in the list already and waiting for the 30 days to pass.

Looks like I might buy one of the item but the others I can easily give them a pass.

What do you think of our 30 days list idea? What do you do to stop yourself buying things on impulse? Please share your ideas here.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian