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Why I blog (Nepaliaustralian)?

This is a guest post I wrote for , nepalichori, amazing blog I have been following for a while. Thank you so much for the opportunity and sharing the post here.

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First of all thank you Nepali Chori for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on your blog. I believe that it is a great initiative and a brilliant idea.

Today I am going to share my ideas on why I blog and why Nepaliaustralian?

I think most of the people who know me via my blog know that I am an IT professional which means the computer is my livelihood. So when I spend so much time in front of the computer it is natural that I do lots of research and on one of these researches I found a few really nice blogs that I loved to read. The bloggers wrote about their lives, their likes and their thoughts.


I started reading these blogs regularly and there were times I wanted to leave a comment, which forced me to make an account with WordPress so I could comment easily rather than answering the same questions many times. One time when I was writing a comment I realised that I had typed more than a page and I was a bit ashamed to post it as a comment. It’s like I was hijacking the original post.

That moment I realised that I had so many ideas and thoughts that blogging might me a good place to share and that is how Nepaliaustralian.com was born. Initially I was not sure what I was going to share in my blog but as time went by I knew I wanted to blog about my life and my love for Nepali culture and traditions. I am also glad that people started reading my posts, commenting, and liking it which encouraged me to continue.

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As you know the theme of my blog is “Living in west with values of east” and I stand by it every day. If you read my blog, you will find posts and information about different places of Nepal, Nepali festivals, Nepali food, how I brought Nepali traditions to my home here in Sydney and much, much more.

I wanted to have a blog where words are not pre-planned, and thoughts are not edited. I have a passion for sharing whatever I know about Nepal, its cultures, traditions and to become a part of the community.  There are so many great people sharing their experience on the blogosphere that I am glad to share my ideas in the same platform.

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I am overwhelmed when I receive an email or a comment thanking me for helping in someone’s life, how they read my blog regularly and how I inspire them. I could have never thought in my wildest dream that my writing could help someone I have never met in some corner of the world. It led me down a new road of adventure, learning so much about just everything along the way.

Through my blog, I have made some good friends who are a part of my life now. There are also many more I would love to meet one day as they are such beautiful human beings and it will be my pleasure to get to know them better.

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So this blog has not only let me share my ideas and thoughts but also helped me get many excellent ideas from people as well as learn a lot from their experience.

I hope to continue writing for a long time.

What are your favorite blogs? What do you like to read? Do you have a blog yourself? Do you write your thoughts and ideas?

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian