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You are my Pumpkin Pumpkin Hello Honey Bunny

Sometimes some random thought comes to your mind and makes you smile. This post  is in that category. The other day one of my colleagues came and asked me if I had listened to a popular Nepali song called “You are my Pumpkin Pumpkin Hello Honey Bunny.” I was surprised because first of all he is not a Nepali and secondly the name of the song sounds so funny. He told me that one of his Nepali friends told him that it is a very popular song and he should listen to it.

Not being in Nepal, I am not very aware of the pop culture there and it is not easy to keep up to date. So I Googled it and found the following song.

I also found a Bollywood song similar tune to this Nepali song.

When I was watching these songs, I couldn’t stop smiling. They are so different and if I am allowed to say it, a bit weird too.

The other day when I was at my brother’s place, I mentioned this song and to my surprise, it is my one year old nephew’s current favorite. He will stop crying if someone plays that song. This makes me conclude that I am getting so old that my one-year-old nephew is beating me in current trends.

PSY’s Gangnam Style is another of my nephew’s favourite songs right now 🙂

Have you listen to this song before? Wahat is your thought on these songs?

M from nepaliaustralia


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