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 Potty training fun

Finally Chhori is potty trained and I am very happy.

When I was researching potty training, I read that you need at least 3-5 days straight at home to train a child successfully.

It was really hard to get that time so when I took 4 weeks off work during Christmas and New Year,potty training was on top of our list.

Before the actual training, we read lots of articles and watched so many videos on YouTube. From all the different techniques that we found I choose the one to reward her with stickers when she sat on the potty.

Most of the videos make it look so easy and said that it can be done in 3 days but it took us nearly 7 days for Chhori to do both pee and wee in the potty.

First day of potty training was fun, trying to put her on the potty every 10 minutes. Both me and Chhori were excited and she did all her wees there but had 2 poo accidents on her training undies.  On the first night she actually woke up in the middle of the night saying she needed to pee. We were very impressed and thought it was going great.

On the second day, she refused to go to the potty every 10 minutes so we did it every 30 minutes. With best effort on both our side she still had 2 wee accidents and didn’t do a poo for the whole day.

On day 3, she had 2 pee accidents and 1 poo. That day I was really up set because it felt like we were going one step forward and two steps backward. She went and sat on potty many times but still managed to have accidents.

By day 4, Chhori was an expert in going to the toilet on her own and surprisingly did her first poo in the potty. She was very excited and so was I. I rewarded her with two stickers that day and she was super happy.

Day 5 was better with no accidents at all but later we still had accidents now and then especially if she hold her wee too long and has to go in a rush .

But we are happy now that she is getting better and having fewer accidents.

The most important things to remember when you potty training 

  • Be patient
  • Don’t be angry when they have accidents
  • Have a week free from other thing so you can concentrate on the training
  • They will eventually be nappy free, always keep that in mind
  • If you think your child is not ready do not push them
  • Every child is different so one rule doesn’t apply to all
  • All the best

Have a great week everyone!

M from nepaliaustralian


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WARNING: if you are eating, about to eat or just finished eating, come back later to read this post.

As you know I am new mother and motherhood brings so many new things to learn. For this week, the new word I learned was Poonami.

If you are a mum, you probably already know about it but for everyone else let me educate you. We are all familiar with No.1 and No.2. Yes I am talking about pee and poo. But do you know that in case of newborn there is a No.3 as well?

I was in a Mother’s group meeting when this came up and within a few minutes one of the bub showed us a classic example.

After a period of 6 weeks newborns sometimes have one bowel movement every 7-10 days. Yes, it is normal if you are breastfeeding. Babies keep all the nutrients that they need from your breast milk, and don’t poop as much or as often. Then when they do poo, that is what is called Poonami.

The wave created by the taking of a massive dump is poonami. Let me tell you, when it does happen, the diapers will be of no use and poo will go everywhere. The clean-up will take sometime and you hope that when it happens you are at home and not out and about.

Thankfully Chhori hasn’t done it yet but I am sure there will be one in my future as it is normal with newborns.

Till  next post take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian