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Our Trip to Thailand Part II

This post is a continuation of my previous post Our Trip to Thailand Part I.


Beautiful Krabi

We decided that we also need to do a trip to Krabi since AS’s cousin highly recommended it. As it was more remote that Phi Phi, she said it had even better view.

So we booked our trip through the hotel again. This trip cost us around AUD$80 p/p which also included island visit, snorkelling, lunch, afternoon tea and pick up/ drop off to our hotel.

 As on our previous tours, a van came to pick us up and then picked up a few other people on the way to the port. We were given a sticker and we introduced ourselves. This group was smaller than the one we went to Phi Phi with.

Karbi and Us

It took us more than an hour in the speed boat to reach Krabi but it was all worth it when I saw the magnificent view once we reached there. It was really quiet; only one other tour boat was there with us so I felt like we were in some remote part of the world, far away from civilization.

 We had time to relax and see the place while the lunch was getting ready. We went for a long walk .It was really nice to be with AS after being apart for so long. I got carried away and made a big heart in the sand and wrote A+ M. We had lunch and were off for snorkelling. It was great fun to swim so close to so many beautiful coloured fish.

After that it was a long ride back to the port and then to the hotel. Once we had shower and rested for a while we went for our pampering session. We had massage and I also had manicure and pedicure.  It was great to be able to relax at the end of the day.


After our splendid stay in Pukhet we took a plane back to Bangkok. In Bangkok we were booked at Chateau de Bangkok. Once we were in the hotel, we were informed that they had upgraded us so we had 1 Bedroom Apartment which had a king-size bed and bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. It was really a great start on our

Our room service

Bangkok trip. That evening we were very tired so decided to order in and rest for our big trips ahead.

We ordered Thai style fried rice and Prawn dish. I loved the way they had our fried rice in pineapple then we enjoyed some movies.

The next morning we had booked a Bangkok City and Temple tour. It is a must if you are in Bangkok as it covers lots of sightseeing and is worth it. Luckily enough , we were alone on this trip so we had the guide to ourselves all the time.

Wat Traimit

First stop was visit to Wat Traimit, the temple with world’s largest solid gold Buddha, 5 1/2 tons of solid gold 3 meters  high Buddha . They charge entry fee but ours was paid by the tour guide. He explained the history behind the temple and took some photos for us. The Golden Buddha was cast sometime in the 13th century. On the way to the next stop we went around Chinatown.

Next stop was Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). This Buddha was 46 meters long and 15 meters high and it was almost impossible to take a shot of the whole statue in one shot. This Buddha holds the dual honour of having both Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha image and the most number of Buddha images in Thailand. It also had giant feet with mother-of-pearl soles.

Wat Pho

The guide explained to us there if we want to donate the money, we can buy the coins and put in the bowl around the Buddha. It will bring good luck to us so we did.

While we were leaving for our next stop, on the way we saw many colourful taxis. You can’t believe the colours like pink, purple, yellow, red, etc. The guide explained to us that the colour is company coordinated so people know which cab they are in.


The next stop was Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) which is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. It had lots of holy buildings, statues, and pagodas. The Buddha itself was green in colour made out of a single piece of jade.

Then we went to Grand Palace which was built by King Rama VI. It has impressive interiors and big halls with lots of antique furniture.

While we were coming out from the palace, there was a guy with live snake around his neck offering photo opportunity with snake for small amount. AS and both were excited so we had our photo taken with the snake around our neck.

Bangkok Standing Buddha

Our next stop was Wat Benchamabophit (marble temple). It was really nice temple made out of Italian marbles. Our guide told us that the main statue of Lord Buddha sitting in the main hall was the copy of the famous “Phra Buddha Chinarat” in Pitsanulok province, north of Thailand.

Our last stop for the day was Wat Intharawihan (temple of Standing Buddha). The temple has tall standing buddha which is 32 metres tall. This temple also has a statue of Hindu god Brahma.

It was really long and informative day. We again ordered room service and enjoyed some movie.

Floating Market, River Koi and Kanchanaburi

Floating market

Next morning we had a trip book to Floating Market, River Koi and Kanchanaburi. We waited for our van to pick us up to go there early in the morning.

The van took us out of the city and we were in Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, about 105 kms from Bangkok. As soon as we were in the canal area, I saw lots of floating boats some with tourists and some selling colourful souvenirs, fruits and other items. It is a traditional way of selling and buying in Thailand and really nice.

Loving the snake

We were asked to hop on to one of the boats and we had a guide who took us around the 32 km canal. We had some time to look around by our selves once we finished our boat journey. I ended up buying lots of souvenirs like floating boat, a tuk tuk, a hat and a beaded earring.

Then we were back in the van to our next stop River Koi. We headed to Kanchanaburi province. Once there we went to the war museum and there were lots of information about World War II.  Then we went to the bridge over the River Kwai which was built-in World War II.

There we had lunch and visited a few shops. I ended buying a few beautiful brooches.

Up close with the tiger

The last stop was Tiger Temple and it was the highlight of our trip. It is a Buddhist temple where there were many monks, lots of tigers and few other creatures.

For around a few hundred dollars, we were allowed to be up-close and personal with the tigers. It was really unique experience and I was a bit scared but then it was all good as there was a guide with us all the time. I patted the tiger and he didn’t eat me 🙂

Bangkok Taxi

We also saw a cub on the way back and we were allowed to take pictures and pat it. It was a really nice experience.

After coming back from holiday, I did some research about the place and I found lots of negative things . I am still confused on what to believe.

Also if you are going there make sure you wear a covered dress as they will not allow you in otherwise.

By the time we got back to Bangkok both of us were tired and ready for bed.

The next day we went shopping. There were so many shopping malls in Bangkok that you will be overwhelmed with choices. I end up buying a few shoes and so many dresses. AS also bought a few shorts, t-shirts and some other items. We also bought gifts for our family and friends.

I really wanted to shop more but we were meeting AS’s cousin that evening so we went to the hotel to pack up and check out from our hotel.

We met his cousin and his Thai wife. They were really nice and we spent the  last few days with them exploring the local markets and eating traditional Thai food. We also had opportunity to go to AIT (Asian Institute of Technology).

For more photos on Thailand please click here.

Our Trip to Thailand Part I

I had meant to write about my travel experience for a while so I am starting with the first one now. One of our first holidays together after our engagement was to Thailand. That time AS was working in India and I was in Sydney.We hadn’t seen each other for over 2 months so it was one of the best holidays we had.

Both of us flew to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok and it was so good to see him after what seemed like forever. When I saw him at the airport, I screamed and ran toward him, I am sure onlookers thought I was a crazy chick.

There was a long queue for our flight to Pukhet . It looked like everyone was going there but I didn’t care less. I was just happy to be in AS’s arms again.


Yummy food

It was quite humid when we landed in Phuket. The cab driver told us, it had been raining for the last few weeks but had stopped that morning. I prayed there would be no rain during our stay there. We reached our hotel, The Sea Patong. I did a lot of research online for the hotel and found this with good reviews. It was a few minutes’ walk to the beach and perfect for the evening as there is no noise when you are trying to sleep.

When we reached the hotel, we were welcomed with complementary drinks and fruit platter.

Phuket was amazing. I had heard so much about this places that I felt I kind of knew it well even when it was my first visit there. My good friend SL is from Thailand so she had given us lots of tips on what to do and where to go while we were there.

We just walked along the beach and had lots of amazing food. Imagine you pay only $5 to have a lobster. Food was really cheap and they tasted great.

Sunset in Phuket

We went shopping and I was really surprised to find a Nepali speaking person almost in every shop. They were Burmese whose ancestors had gone there from Nepal and they wanted to be known as Gorkhali. That was one fact about Thailand that no one had told me about before. We were communicating in Nepali in many shops. We met lots of these Burmese Gorkhali and got discount as they said “Because you are Nepali I will give you at this price”. It was funny to hear that in Patong. We bought gifts for friends and family and many bags for me and some T-shirt for AS.

It seems like people awaken when the sun sets in Pukhet and the most happening place for nightlife is Bangla road in Patong. It is a long strip of road with nightclubs on both side of road. I am sure everyone who goes to Phuket goes there. We saw lots of tourists in the bars and nightclubs.


It is famous for its raunchy nightlife. I had heard lots of horror stories of people who picked girls in these clubs to realise they were transvestite or as Thai called them, Lady Boys. I think everyone will be confused because they are so beautiful and dressed in sexy outfits (Ooops).

Another good thing I discovered is Patong was the massages. For around AUD$25 you can choose from different types of massages like Thai massage or aromatherapy massage. We had it almost every night while we were there. It was great to lie down for these massages after a long day out.

Phi Phi

Our hotel organise a day trip for us to go to PhiPhi Island. The trip started at 7.45 am and included an island visit, snorkelling, lunch, afternoon tea and pick up/ drop off to the hotel.

We slept late the previous night so I was struggling to wake up in the morning. AS was already awake and had his shower. I quickly ran to the shower and got ready. Then we rushed to the rooftop of the hotel for our breakfast. We waited for the van to pick us up to go to the port where the boat was waiting for us to take us to Phi Phi.

Phi Phi

The van picked up a few more people on the way to Karon beach where we were briefed us on our day. We all were given a sticker so the guide knows that we belong to his group. Everyone introduced themselves and told from which country they were. There were three friends from Poland, a couple of from Perth, a couple from India on their honeymoon and a few other people.

We took a speedboat and were on our way. I sat next to AS and held his hand and looked one of the best views I’ve ever seen. At one point, my hat was almost blown away by the wind. After almost an hour’s ride the boat stopped for our first stop in Maya Bay Island.

Phi phi island

The view was really breath-taking and the water was crystal clear. The guide told us we had an hour there so we took a few photos and snorkeled for a while. It was just beautiful. The beach was full of tourists but the environment was very happy. Everyone was relaxed and taking photos or swimming or lying on the beach getting tanned.

It was time for us to get on the boat again and this time it was a short trip to Koh Phi Phi. This is the island where the famous movie The Beach was filmed.

As soon as I got to the beach, I saw lots of monkeys around. I am really scared of monkeys so I didn’t dare to go close but AS was running behind the monkeys taking their photos.

The place was just divine and the day was perfect. The guide informed us that we will have our lunch there and then we can go out and explore the place.

Loving the beach

We went to this small restaurant where the table was set for our lunch. It was Thai lunch with chicken curry, seafood, vegetable and rice. We love Thai food so I and AS were happy with the food. Some of the other people were complaining about the food. The last serve was a platter of tropical fruits. There were some girls selling ice-cream so I ordered vanilla ice-cream with mango topping and AS ordered chocolate ice-cream with chocolate topping.

I feel when you travel you need to have an open mind and enjoy the local cuisine. That is how you learn more about the food, the place and the people. I have always found Thai people to be friend and very helpful. The whole time we were there we never had any problem with people or food.

After the lunch we walked around and took some more photos. As we were informed earlier, they would take us to the middle of the ocean to snorkel again, we decided to just walk on the beach and play with the water. I could live there forever. It was just natural beauty will clear water; I couldn’t get enough.


Then it was time for us to go back to our boat.. We had another short trip in the boat to the next stop where the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean. Both of us thought it was wise to wear life jackets before going into the water. The water was perfect and the guide threw some food on the water and we could see so many colourful fish swimming towards us. We were near the reef so the floor of the ocean was just below us. We loved what we could see there. Just the wonder of nature in the sea.

By the time we were ready to go back we were very tired. They gave us some juice and fruits and we were on our way back to the shore. It felt like a very long time to reach the shore but we just cuddled and enjoyed the view.

The van was waiting for us to drop us off at our hotel and hot shower there was felt beautiful on my skin after a wonderful trip.

 The post seems like it is going too long so I will make this Part I and leave rest for Part II