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Product review : 4Baby Bath & Change table

Like probably every new parents, we google and research a lot before we buy any products for our baby. As there are millions of products out there, it is easy to get confused and online reviews are so helpful at such times. I can’t imagine what people did before the internet. If not for these reviews, I am sure we would be lost when deciding to buy a product and the reviews are especially helpful with baby products.

I think the manufactures of baby products are very clever and they know how to play with the emotions of mums and dads. If not for generous parents sparing time to write reviews about different products online, I am sure we would have bought some not too good quality products which we would have regretted.

I think it is only fair for me to contribute to this great community which has helped me so much so I am going to review all the baby products I am using for Chhori so it will be helpful for others.

Growing up in Nepal, we didn’t have lots of baby stuffs those days. My mum never used change table, high chairs, bassinets, walkers for both her kids and I don’t know anyone in Nepal who had one while I was there. I guess it was considered luxury items only rich people could afford.

But it is a different story here. Everyone around me suggested lots of baby items to buy when I was pregnant and one of the items that kept coming up was a change table. A changing table is a stand-alone piece of furniture, usually kept in your baby’s room. The top is a table that’s just the right size for a changing mat. Below are shelves or drawers which can be used for storing nappies, baby wipes and other changing accessories.

Initially I was not too sure if I really needed one. Like my parents, I believed I could go without it as it is bulky and I didn’t know where I would keep it. In my mind, I was thinking, every single baby product seems necessary if you think about it but there are many we can go without. Most of my friends around me had gone without it even here in Australia so I was thinking to do the same.

While I was talking to my friends and colleagues, one of them suggested to buy Bath & Change table instead of just a Change table to get more use out of it. That was the first time I considered even slightly about getting it as it seemed like a great idea to use it as a baby bath too. I had heard mothers complaining about their knees and back due to bending to change and bathe the baby so I thought might be a good idea to get a Bath & Change table save mine.

We stared researching about it and there were so many different brands around. Both of us were still not sure as we were just thinking about it at that stage.

Then Chhori decided to come a bit early than expected. If you haven’t read about her arrival, please do read this post. As you know by now that I had a c-section so it was hard for me to bend down. It was impossible for me to change her on the floor so the day I came home from hospital, AS decided to go and buy a Bath & Change table for me.

He bought a white 4Baby Bath & Change table. It has wheels as well so it’s easy to move it from the nursery to the bathroom. The wheels are lockable and the baby bath has a plug and drain. It also has handy storage shelves, easy clean change pad and a storage mesh bag.

I have to say, it is one of the most useful baby products we have bought. It’s quicker to change the baby where everything is already organised and it’s much easier than on the floor or sofa and we are also saving our back.

On top of that Chhori loves it. I am not sure if it is the height or something else, but she know now that if we put her on there, we will clean her up so she stops crying once on the table if she has a dirty nappy.

A bad thing I have found with this unit is that the change pad stains even though we clean it regularly. It cleans well but it is not as white as it was when it was new. Another is that it doesn’t have a belt to strap the baby in when changing. Chhori is starting to roll over now and a belt would have been good on the change pad.

We have had it for 6 months now and there have been no problems and hope it will last for another year or so until Chhori is toilet trained.

Hope this review helps anyone who is looking to get 4Baby Bath & Change table or a similar product.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian