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Jumping Ship from Android to iPhone

I have contemplated switching to iPhone from Android many times and now as my old Samsung Galaxy SII is slowly dying, it was time for me to buy a new phone and I decided on iPhone 5S. Finally I have switched to iPhone and I have to admit I am a bit lost.

As an android user the biggest adjustment to using iPhone is navigating my way through iOS. Even though I use an iPad, I find it hard to do certain things on iPhone. I am sure I will be fine with my phone after a month but for the next few days, I am going to miss these features from my Samsung Galaxy phone.

The back button

The “back” soft key which takes you one step backward. If you opened a program and want to go back to the previously opened program, you tap the right soft key. When I’m using my iPhone, I really miss the back key and I’m constantly tapping the right side wondering why nothing is happening.

I also miss a lot of functionality accessed via the left soft key.

Mini SD Card

I didn’t realise (lack of research) that iPhone doesn’t take mini SD card which I have used in my phones for the last 5 years. Every time I change phones it has been easy as I save all my music, books, and a few videos in the mini SD card but now I have to transfer everything to my phone.

Screen size

I think I got used to the screen of my Samsung Galaxy that I feel iPhone screen is too small. I am hoping it is just a phase and I will be OK with the screen size in due time.

Compulsory use of iTunes

One of the most important things I need on your computer for using your iPhone is iTunes unlike android where I could easily manage my music, podcasts, and movies without it. I feel so locked in and restricted but I know I have no choice.

On screen customization

There are so many ways to customize the way that your home screen looks in my Samsung but I couldn’t find that feature in iPhone.

Things are not all bad. I have already found out a few things in my new iPhone I like so I guess I would be OK in the long run.


I think my new iPhone has a better camera than my of Samsung SII, beautiful pictures, and great features like high dynamic range, so I am now ready to take more photos  :).


The iPhone user interface is much more polished.


I am also looking forward to using cool iPhone accessories now that I have jumped the ship. I noticed when I had Samsung that iPhone has more options in term of accessories so now I can take my pick.

I have to admit that as I have been using Android long enough to accumulate a decent number of apps and a good-sized music library, photos, contacts, and calendars, it was fairly easy to transfer everything. Glad it is almost done now and I can carry only one phone.

I have a feeling that after few months I will discover more cool features and apps in my new iPhone and I will rave about it but right now, it is a bit of a pain in the butt.

Please share any useful iPhone apps that you use for a novice iPhone user :).

Happy Friday and take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


Waiting for the perfect phone…

 Looks like I have been waiting for the perfect phone forever. I was a happy customer of O2 XDA Nova a while back. I liked the fact that it was a touch screen (not many phones were touch screens then) and I could forward my email to my phone. Then its OS started to crash so often that I had to change to a different phone. 

As I had to get something quickly, I went for Samsung f480 just because it was a touch screen and I liked the compact sized. But I didn’t like it after a few days as it has phone keypads rather than computer-like Qwerty keyboard. Which meant that I had to touch the screen 3 times just to write a “C”. But as I had already spent my money on it, I was stuck with it. 

Luckily or unluckily, I lost that phone in six months and I needed new phone again. This time I wanted the iphone 3G but while I was doing my research I found out that it had lots of problems. I talked to a few people who had iphones of their own and they were not very happy with its battery life. So I decided to go for a Blackberry Curve. 

In few months after I got my phone, they launched iphone 4. I was very pissed as I wanted that now but I was not prepared to buy another phone so soon. 

Now my blackberry is dying slowly. It throws error messages from time to time and so I need a new phone again soon. So I was very happy when I found out that Apple was going to launch a new iphone and I hoped it was the much talked  about iphone 5 but I was disappointed again when they launch the iphone 4S. 

Now I am in a big dilemma, should I go for new phone now or wait for a while. I don’t want to miss out on the iphone 5 if it comes in the next few months. 

My husband has Samsung Galaxy S2 and he seems to be very happy with that. 

I am soooooooooooooo confused. Looks like I always end up buying a new phone at the wrong time .