Need some help with Halloween food!

At the end of this month, it’s my birthday and every year I organise a party to celebrate it. I know it is a bit lame to organise your own birthday party but I want to enjoy my birthday, so there! 🙂

Anyway this year, I am planning a Halloween theme party and I have already invited around 20 of my friends.

Halloween is not as big in Australia as it is in US or Europe. Only recently, some shops have started to sell Halloween customs and decorations.

We went shopping yesterday so we have bought our costumes and decorations. AS is going to be Count Dracula and I am going to be Devil Woman. We bought a few skulls, bats, some wall decorators, a big skeleton, some eye and witch shaped chocolates, Halloween themed table cloth, plates and napkins.

I think I won’t be able to buy any Halloween food as I didn’t see any in the shops yet. So I was thinking I should make some myself but I am not sure what kind of food is served in Halloween. I have Googled for some answers but most of the recipes seem too complex. If anyone has any easy recipes, please let me know. Need help real bad!!!!

2 responses to “Need some help with Halloween food!

  1. Thank you Mel. I will try that 🙂

  2. I found this recipe for Mummy Hot Dogs in the internet. Looks easy and quick.. Hope you have a great party.

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