The Thing

AS and I am so different in so many things. One of those things is our choice of movies.

My preference for movies is comedy or rom-com. I like thrillers as well but horror is a big NO. AS is a big fan of horror and science fiction movies.

My theory is, if I am paying money to be entertained, why would I want to get scared? I would much prefer to watch light hearted movies instead.

So the thing is , selecting a movie that we both enjoy is quite difficult. That is why we made a deal. Each of us gets to choose every other movie.

The last time we went for a movie he watched Jonny English Reborn for me so last night he chose a movie. And his choice was The Thing.

It is a science-fiction horror movie which got a pretty good review. I really didn’t want to watch it but I had to keep my end of the deal.

The movie was ok and not too scary. Like every movie of that kind, the storyline was so predictable with only a few survivors left at the end. Some of the scenes were disgusting but I survived the movie.

Dinner before movie and popcorn, a drink and a cake during the movie entertained me more than the movie did but I am happy since it is my turn next. I am definitely taking him for a rom-com now, just to annoy him 🙂

2 responses to “The Thing

  1. Thanks for the comment. I think my review is solely based on my preference of movie. You are doing really g8 with your review.

  2. It’s no great thing, just a better Thing than expected. It’s not incredibly scary but has the same tense and paranoid feel that the Carpenter version went for, and it works in a way. The problem is that on own it’s own, it doesn’t really work. Good review. Check out mine when you get the chance.

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