My early birthday gift

I am not a very big fan of yellow gold so when we were getting married I wanted a white gold ring but as we were getting married in Nepal, it was not possible. In Nepal, if you wear white gold, people think it is sliver so both our families didn’t like the idea.(I love my wedding ring now).

During our wedding, I received lots of jewellery from my family and AS’s family. I also received some jewellery from my and AS’s relatives. Most of them were of yellow gold .When I was coming here my mum and MIL told me to take a few of them with me. I didn’t want to but still I brought a few rings, a white gold diamond necklace set,  few ear rings, a small necklace, a ruby necklace and a few gold bangles. I left the rest of my jewellery with my MIL.

I never thought I would miss my jewellery but when we returned to Sydney, we had a wedding reception for our friends and family here who couldn’t come to Nepal. I had to dress up as a bride again and that day I missed my jewellery for the first time. I so wished I had my long gold necklace.

After that I had to attend few Nepalese functions where I wore a sari. I missed my jewellery then and of course when it was Dashain where everyone wore their best gold jewellery, I missed mine again.

I was a bit surprised that my preference for gold had changed. I still loved white gold and diamonds but I don’t mind yellow gold any more. Is this only happening because I am married now?


Anyway, I was telling my mum about this while I was Skyping the other day. A friend of mine has just returned to Sydney from Kathmandu recently. I met with him yesterday and to my surprise, my mum sent me a golden necklace with 9 stones (Nav Ratna) with matching bangles as my birthday gift. Oho I just loved it.

Even though my birthday is still 2 weeks away, I received my first birthday gift for this year. Thank you mum!

9 responses to “My early birthday gift

  1. I like yellow gold than silver..I feel like Im looking more elegant & popular when I’m wearing yellow jewelries / gold. How I wish I could also receive a gift like this hahaha…how lucky you..

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  3. I loved your gift. It looks nice. Your mum has good choice.

  4. Thanks Kay. I would not admit to my mum and MIL that I have warmed up to yellow gold yet. Otherwise they would make me wear them all the time 🙂

  5. I prefer white gold as well–not into heavy gold stuff. Maybe you’ve warmed up to yellow gold because you’ve worn it before and it looks good on you?

    Lovely bangles! Looks like a great bday present.

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