Black nail polish

I was talking to one of my older relatives a while ago regarding how my Dashain went. She told me that she saw my Dashain photos in Facebook and really liked the fact that I was traditional and wore sari while doing Puja and even made an effort to grow Jamara. She was happy that I was holding on to my Nepali roots. Then she said everything was perfect but…

I wasn’t sure what was coming next but she said, “Everything was perfect but you were wearing a black nail polish. Red would have been 100% perfect.”

Seriously I didn’t even notice what nail polish I was wearing until I talked with her.  I know I was wearing a Red sari and all the traditional jewellery but it didn’t occur to me to change my polish according to my sari.

Anyway I love black nail polish. I have been wearing them for a decade now. I find is easy to maintain and goes with everything I wear. I have never have Goth look but I find it looks great with short filed nails. And these days there are so many companies that are doing black nail polish with different shade and glitters. I had Chanel black nail polish which was the best so far as it was used to last so long that I didn’t have to maintain for weeks.

Different people have their own opinion on black nail polish. Few years ago, one of my male friends told me that if you see a girl with black nail polish in a night club it means that the girl is ready to mingle. Then I have few friends who see black nail polis as bad omen but for me I like the way it looks on my hand.

I am definitely not wearing the polish to mingle with anyone nor do I believe in bad omens. I know we have all seen them on witches or vampires in horror movie but that is just movies. After all, we haven’t stopped eating apple pie after watch American pie!

I have seen lots of celebrities wearing black polish and in every fashion magazine I have read, they think black polish are so in so I don’t care what people say I am not going to give up on my black nail polish. Also I think 100% perfect is boring, you need to have

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some degree of uncertainty for life to be exciting  🙂

6 responses to “Black nail polish

  1. I almost tried to use black nail polish but my mom doesn’t want me to. So I just chose a plum colored nail polish which appears to be black when you look at it. Hihi. 😀

  2. I love black nail polish too.. BA@The awesome Sisters

  3. I like my nails short so black is good colour for me. I normally also paint top coat of silver glitters which looks good too. More fashion post please!!!

  4. I totally think black nail polish is cool, I myself is not into nail colour but if I ever do wear, I stick to black. Its convenient. 🙂

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