Value of Electricity

It is getting really hot in Sydney these days. It was 34-37 C the day before. After a very hot day I went home thinking it will be a cool evening with the AC on and I can relax but to my annoyance the electricity went off. 

I couldn’t believe how much our lives depend on having electricity here. The lift in the building stopped working so we could hear fire exit doors opening and closing all the time. The building in front of us had people stuck in the lift so there were two fire trucks and police car to rescue them. 

People couldn’t go inside the car park as the roller doors are electric so there were long queues of cars waiting in the street. 

Inside our apartment, AS and I didn’t know what to do. Our internet didn’t work, no TV, the laptop battery was on 35%, no light so nothing to do. Luckily we have a gas stove which was the only thing working. But still we didn’t cook anything as it was too dark so we ordered takeaway. I remember my cousin K, mentioning power outage in June for hours when I was in Nepal, and as they have electric stove, they had to go out and eat. 

I have been in Nepal when they had 18 hours of load shedding. Luckily my house has an inverter so we had some light during those times. But I can’t imagine how everyone in Nepal live everyday more than 9 months a year without electricity. It is good that my parents are not dependent on the fridge as they cook fresh meal everyday. Also they buy their milk every morning and meat on the day, they are cooking. They always buy fresh fruits and veggies every other day so they can have fresh supply of most essential things. I can’t imagine people here living without a fridge and a microwave. We wouldn’t know what to do.

 Most of the houses in Nepal don’t have air conditioning and lift so you are not stuck when load shedding happens.

Sometimes I forget how much better facilities we have than people in Nepal. I was complaining that power was out for a few hours but then I remembered for people living in Nepal that is a part and parcel of their life. I see Facebook and Twitter updates from my friends and family in Nepal like

 “ No power cut for last 24 hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 “

 “ Load shedding is reduced to 10 hours a day :)”.

 “ Felt so lucky to wait only 15 minutes in line for petrol’.

No water for last two days 😦

Nepal bandh again today, walking to work” (Nepal closed/no vehicles on road due to strikes)

 I promise from now on I will appreciate how good I have it here and stop complaining about small things that I don’t have.

4 responses to “Value of Electricity

  1. First let me say……..ohhhh in Sydney are about 30 Degree? You be a lucky girl. Here is so cold, just we have on the day time 5 degree and nights under 0 degree, Brrrrrrrrr
    I want come to Australia. Smile.
    But first after 8 days I will flight to Nepal……..douple smile. There is a little bit more hot than here.
    One time when I was in Kathmandu there was a band and it was nothing transportation. I had enjoy….streets are so silence and clean, no smog, no traffic. For tourists its godd, but for the citizen not.

    Yes if we have no electricity for some hour we think OMG, no lights, no fridge, no TV…..nothing and we think peoples in poor countrys have electricity seldom. Right we say ok never again I will to complain.
    But peoples are forget too…………and so I think if we have the next load shetting we anger again. Or what do you say? It’s normal we are humans……..

    • I have never lived in a place where it is so cold but I can understand the situation. It is human nature to take things as granted but when I really think about thing I really feel lucky to have lots of good things in my life.

  2. Salute to the thoughts! 🙂

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