When is the right time to put up the Christmas tree?

At work today everyone had their own opinion on when to put up our Christmas tree. It has been up for the last few months in the shopping malls. They even have Christmas carols going on the loud speaker. I guess they just want us to shop for Christmas early.

In Sydney, every year there is a big event for the Martin Place Tree Lighting & Christmas Concert in Hyde Park. It happened on 24th of  November this year.

I really like the giant tree they have every year and especially the lights they have on Sydney Town Hall. It is colourful and in the evenings it brightens up the city.

In most suburbs, most houses have their Christmas lights up as well. There are some suburbs where they have so many decorations in the garden that people drive by just to look at the decorations and lights.

At work every department have their own tree and I am in charge of putting the tree up for our department. So when I told the boys that we need to put up our tree today, they said it was too early. But then all the girls including my boss were ok to have our tree up today.

Anyway I did some research and found that different people have a different opinion. Most suggested that Christmas tree should be up only 12 days before Christmas and until 12 days after Christmas. Do you know when is the right time for putting up the tree?

The problem at work is most of us take time off around Christmas which means that the last week before Christmas and first week after New Year , there is hardly anyone around.  There is no point in having decorations if there is no one around to appreciate them.

So finally we decided as it is 1st of December today, the tree should be put up today. We spent few hours decorating the tree and now it looks a lot like Christmas in our department.Holiday season is here and I am really enjoying it. I need to go around different departments now and see what they are up to for Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


2 responses to “When is the right time to put up the Christmas tree?

  1. Normally a christmas tree is put up during Thanksgiving week or right after it. 🙂 Thanksgiving is on the last thursday of November. Hope you have a good Christmas too!!

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