Animal Print

 I am not a big fan of animal prints like the leopard print or tiger print or zebra print. I thought it was out dated and I didn’t know how to wear them. Then I turned the page of Vouge and it says animal prints are in fashion now. Vouge is the bible for the fashion conscious so if it says it is back then it must be. 

When I was out shopping I actually saw lots of dresses, shoes, shirts, handbags, belts, glasses, earrings, bangles etc in animal prints. They looked cool and sexy. 

I checked out a few of the celebrities in animal print and they looked incredible. It’s as if it shows their wild side. 

Then I went through my wardrobe the other day and to my surprise I have a few clothing and accessorises in animal print. (If my husband reads this, he will tell me for the 100th time to sort out my wardrobe and throw out the clothes I don’t need but then can a girl ever have enough dresses and shoes? My answer is Never :)) 

Will you ever wear animal prints? What’s your favourite print?

14 responses to “Animal Print

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  2. You look hot in that dress 😉

  3. I’m not big on animal prints either. Closest (literally) I’ll get is new undies, since they were two of the five options and I wished to buy five. No one will see the undies, so I’m good. 😉

  4. I used to avoid animal print like the plague. As I have started to lose weight and became confident in my own body, I started to experiment with my wardrobe. Now I have leopard print dress and white/black leopard print sweater.

  5. Well I think animal prints was never out. It’s the kind of trend that never goes out of style. 🙂

  6. Aaaah! I just bought a leopard print blouse. I can’t wear to wear it with my DIY shorts or black skinny jeans or dark bandage skirt or… much to do with it!

    Sorry for the shriek. 😀

  7. Totally love prints! Its so such a fashion statement for quite a while now! 😀 Animal print leggings is a rage too..though i don’t like leggings much.. clingy stuff. Even floral prints were pretty hip this summer. Accessorising plain outfits with prints are fab according to me. Like a plain black dress with leopard print necktie, cuff, clutch and heels! 😀 I love the tiger/leopard prints and some of them look fab in color.. like I saw this feroza blue dress in zebra and black. So trendy! 😀

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