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A guide to culling your closet

I was reading this post on Vouge the other day and decided to share it will my gals here because I know our wardrobe need makeover from time to time.

 Winter is the perfect time for wardrobe rehab. Out with the old, in with the new.

So makeover your wardrobe with four-step guide.


1. Set aside pieces you know you won’t wear, whether it be damaged (unrepairable stains, rips), ill-fitting or are too dated.

2. Eliminate double ups:

– If you own numerous striped t-shirts, there’s a good chance you like the one you purchased most recently better than its predecessor. Throw the oldest one out – you’ll always choose to wear the updated version when getting dressed.

3. Adopt the 3-month method:

– If you haven’t worn something for three months but you’re not quite ready to part with it, store it away in a bag. If you haven’t gone back to these pieces three months later, you can be sure that they won’t be missed in the long-term.

4. Determine what needs to be altered, donated to charity or sold. Group them in piles accordingly.


5. Donate to charity: everything you eliminated in the first step.

6. Hold a clothes swap with friends: sometimes pieces are too good to throw out or they’re simply too recognisable to wear too many times.

– Keep the clothes swap to a small group of close girlfriends (six or less is ideal) with similar or complementary style.

– Set a date and stick to it. Make it a group activity to encourage and motivate each other.

– Discuss how it will work with your friends beforehand to clarity details. Will it be a straight swap system (e.g. clothes for clothes) or will it work on a points system?

– Remember, don’t fall into the trap of coming home with more than you took there. Only take your friend’s pieces if they truly add value to your wardrobe.

Sometimes you have to be ruthless when culling items in your wardrobe.

7. eBay: reserve pricier items or pieces that are still in great condition for eBay.

– Use your phone to create and upload listings to avoid the ‘need to eBay’ pile growing too large.

– Clear photos are essential. Use photo editing apps to optimise your images.

8. Hold a market stall with a friend.

– Be sure to choose an appropriate market for your goods (e.g. fashion-specific markets offer the best customers for those selling pre-loved clothing).

– Promote your market on social media in the weeks leading up to the event.

– If you’re not offering Eftpos facilities, know where the nearest ATM is for customers. They will lose interest if it gets too hard.

– Make your prices reasonable. Remember, a market is saving you the hassle of creating listings on eBay, so the more you sell, the better!


9. Buy new hangers:

– Count how many pieces you have left. Purchase that many hangers, plus three extra to keep spare.

– Purchasing thicker, wooden hangers will leave less room for clutter in your wardrobe.

10. Section your wardrobe into categories that work best for you:

– This could be by style (coats, shirts, skirts), occasion (weekend, work, evening) or colour.

11. Take note of staple pieces you’re missing, whether it be black jeans or a white button-up blouse.

– Keep a list stored in your phone so you don’t make unnecessary purchases when shopping.


12. Self-discipline is key:

– Every time you buy something, throw something out.

– If you’re going to make a purchase, think of what that item is worth replacing. If you can’t think of anything, you don’t really need it.

– Repeat these steps every three months so the task does not become too overwhelming. The more often you cull, the quicker and easier the process will be.

P.S:  Lots of the points in this post is bit hard to follow but I am going to try my best  and see where it leads me.

Please share you own tips here too.

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Animal Print

 I am not a big fan of animal prints like the leopard print or tiger print or zebra print. I thought it was out dated and I didn’t know how to wear them. Then I turned the page of Vouge and it says animal prints are in fashion now. Vouge is the bible for the fashion conscious so if it says it is back then it must be. 

When I was out shopping I actually saw lots of dresses, shoes, shirts, handbags, belts, glasses, earrings, bangles etc in animal prints. They looked cool and sexy. 

I checked out a few of the celebrities in animal print and they looked incredible. It’s as if it shows their wild side. 

Then I went through my wardrobe the other day and to my surprise I have a few clothing and accessorises in animal print. (If my husband reads this, he will tell me for the 100th time to sort out my wardrobe and throw out the clothes I don’t need but then can a girl ever have enough dresses and shoes? My answer is Never :)) 

Will you ever wear animal prints? What’s your favourite print?