Noisy neighbour

Sometimes when you move into a new neighbourhood, you may have some noisy neighbours or someone new moves into your building and they are noisy. They may be someone who shouts a lot, have their music high every time or just wakes up too early and starts mowing their lawn. 

I have seen lots of times on TV, the war between neighbours from hell. Thank god I am not writing about someone like that but still for the last few weeks one of our neighbours is bothering us a lot. 

Looks like he had moved in recently as we never had this problem before. There is a guy who lives in our building 2 floors below us and he always has his music on high volume. It doesn’t normally bother me when I am doing things as I don’t hear it when I am watching TV or cooking but it bothers me when we go to bed. 

Even when I close every door and window in our apartment, I can hear Rihanna or Pink playing. Worst part is, it is not limited to weekends but it happens everyday. On weekdays, it is really hard for me to fall asleep as I am a light sleeper and the noise bothers me. I even tried to put a pillow on top of my head to block the noise but so far it is not working. I don’t get enough sleep which makes me tired during the day. 

First he started to play on weekends till 2am. I thought he may be having a party so thinking it as a one-off thing I didn’t give it much though. Then it started to happen every day till very late. I am not sure if the rest of my neighbours are bothered by that but so far seems like no one has complained. 

One evening, me and AS were coming home and as his apartment is on the ground floor, we have to pass it. The music was really loud as we passed his place so I just looked into the room thinking there must be a party on but there was none. It was only him and he was in the window shaking his head and singing along the music. So I think it is only him everyday who is enjoying the music but the volume is always on high. When I saw him the other day, he looked a bit weird like someone a bit crazy or someone on drugs so I don’t want to talk to him. Actually I am scared of him to let him know that his music is disturbing us. 

I am hoping someone will complain about it either to him or the building manager soon so I don’t get sleep deprived due to his loud music. If nothing happens soon, I am thinking to call the building manager to let him know that it is a nuisance. 

I am not the kind of person who wants to stop someone’s fun but I really don’t want to struggle every night just to sleep. 

I have been in the receiving end of people who wanted to stop our fun. It was Saturday night and I was having my birthday party few years ago. At around 9 pm, there was someone on the door. When I opened the door, there were two cops. They told me that some neighbours complained about the loud noise so we have to stop the music. I was a bit annoyed because it was a weekend and it was 9 pm but the cops told me that they had to come when someone called and complained. May be I should call the cop on my neighbour too. 

While on the topic of noisy neighbours how would you like to wake up in the middle of night to weird sounds? Yap, one of my friends has that problem and the worst part is it is her next door neighbour. When I visited her, I saw the couple and they seemed to be in their late 40’s. They looked friendly and nice.  But at least a couple of times in a week, their bed bangs against the wall next to my friend’s bedroom. Also the lady moans and makes all the other weird noises which wakes my friend up in the middle of the night. It has been happening for years now. My friend is too embarrassed to bring that up with her neighbour so she is still suffering. Often it has made her oversleep in the morning making her late for work. 

Did you ever have a neighbour from hell or just a noisy one? How did you deal with them?


11 responses to “Noisy neighbour

  1. I know this is a very old posting, but I’ll comment anyway. “Waiting for someone to complain” is ALWAYS the worst choice you can make. If it bothers you: Speak up. How else will anybody know that it’s bothering you? If you are afraid to step up to your neighbour in person, call the cops. That’s what they are there for. Living in an appartement building has a lot to do with being considerate of your neighbours. If there’s just one guy who constantly plays loud music, he disturbs (almost) everyone in the building.

  2. I usually bang on the wall very hard to let them know that they are disturbing us. Most of the time, it works. they keep it down once they hear the banging. But if they do not listen, u tell them directly and if that doesn’t work either, then you call the cops or apartment manager. If they are not considerate to you, its not your fault that they are in trouble.

  3. We are going to talk to our other neighbours and then talk to our building manager. It seriously has to stop.

  4. Thats really ungry. I know what you mean, you need sleep and silences.
    In my house all are not so, but some years ago I had an other flat I had a neighbors whitch making music too. Whole of the night.
    I talked with the house managerand the neighbour got a warning from the building manager then it was ok.
    Pleace dont be afraid, go to the manager. I think you pay a lot of rent for you flat and so you have a fairly to live in quiet….

  5. Many years ago, back in apartment days… actually almost 30 years ago, occasionally neighbours would get a wee bit over-exuberant or a tad angry. It’s annoying, and the bed banging and moaning would be worst of all. I’d rap on the wall, let them know awareness of their intimacy is not confined to those so engaged.

    As for your neighbour…. he must sleep sometime. That’s when you crank your music up.

  6. I am sure during those cricket games our neighbors thought of us like that. Well they are nice and usually ask in the morning who won. Not that they follow the game or team just to know if all that noise was worth it.
    Can’t believe I am talking to you after what my team is going through in your country! 😦

    • I think once a while during the game noise is different that what I have to bear. It is good that your neighbours are understanding.

      In the separate note , seriously what’s wrong with Indian team? They haven’t won a single match since the start of the Boxing Day cricket. I am sure it is ok for you to talk to me as rivalry should be left in fields and games, it shouldn’t be person 🙂

  7. I am so sorry you are having this problem, please do call your building manager if it keeps on. It really is terrible when neighbors are so thoughtless and you need your sleep. My husband and I once when first married had a neighbor from hell! Making loud noise, being drunk and really acting awful, long story. My husband had a talk with him, it kind of helped but thankfully other neighbors complained and he got evicted. Good luck and I will be praying it gets resolved soon!

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