How embarrassing!

Something really embarrassing and funny happened this morning and it made me laugh so hard. I though of sharing that with you all. 

This morning one of my colleagues who live in the same building as I do called me and wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. I thought he was joking and told him that it was not my birthday. As you know, my birthday was on 28 October so it is nowhere near that right now. Then he said, it must have been yesterday or the day before so ‘Happy belated Birthday’.  I was not sure why he was insisting that it was my birthday so I had to tell him that my birthday was 3 months ago.

There was a bit of silence on the phone as I think he was a bit embarrassed that he got it all wrong. Then I asked him what made him think that it was my birthday. He said last night when he went to the shop across our apartment and while returning, he saw the sign that said happy Birthday M in our apartment window. He assumed, the birthday must have been a few days ago as the sign was still there so thought of calling me and wishing a Happy birthday (really nice of him). When I heard that I couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time I was really embarrassed. 

The thing is when I had my birthday party, 3 months ago, my husband decided to do this big decoration on our window. It was really nice of him as I had Halloween theme party and it looked amazing. He put lots of work to execute the design and decoration. I thinking I kept the decorations for a week before taking them out. The only thing I couldn’t take out was my birthday banner as it was too high up the window. I have asked him several times to take that out but for some reason, he hasn’t.  Also it hasn’t occurred to me lately, to remove it, even though I see it every day. I guess my eyes just filter it when I am home. 

I had no idea that, people could see the banner from the street in the evening when we have our lights on. Now I am thinking how many of our neighbour has seen that banner and wondered what is going on with a birthday celebration for 3 months. How embarrassing! 

His call made my morning but I have to go home tonight and make sure that banner gets off from the window. I think 3 months is a bit too long to have the banner hanging around isn’t it?

Just a day remaining before the weekend so enjoy everyone!!!

10 responses to “How embarrassing!

  1. This was a really funny story to read. Nice post.
    I pass on a blog award to your blog, to send my best wishes to your blog. You can check that one in my blog.

  2. haha, that’s so cute!

  3. Oh. And happy belated birthday 😉 !

  4. This was a fabulous and funny story to read! Thanks.

  5. Nothing wrong with a year long birthday party. Party up!

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